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Running a successful hostel is all about monetizing each client as much as possible. Whether you’re catering to backpackers and travelers or young students on holiday, you must know how to increase spending. To make the most profit out of every bed that’s occupied, it’s important to offer more than just a bed and breakfast experience. 

If your hostel’s vibe is not conducive to socializing, there’s a good chance your guests will simply get there to crash at night and leave immediately after breakfast.

Give Your Guests a Wholesome Experience 

The trick to encouraging spending at a social hostel is to emphasize the social aspect of it. Here are a few tricks to increase spending amongst your guests.

Have A Kitchen Or Well-Stocked Pantry

Consider this: people staying at a hostel are most likely on a tight budget, and wouldn’t want to splurge at a restaurant if they can help it. You can offer them access to your pantry or kitchen for a small fee. They shall most likely be happy to oblige.

hostel common room with people chatting with laptops

Common Areas Should Be Comfortable and Inviting

Introduce the concept of ‘hygge’ to all aspects of your hostel, especially the common areas. 

If your guests feel comfortable and welcomed, they’re more likely to stick around to socialize and indulge in some food and drinks at your hostel itself.

Keep the seating open and conducive to interactions between guests to encourage them to mingle.

Read The Room And The Guests

Encourage a fun, friendly environment and keep the guests engaged. This requires active participation on your part as a host.

Understand which of your guests are lone wolves who enjoy the solitude of traveling solo, and figure out which ones are up to dance and jive. Use this information to suggest appropriate activities – from hiking alone to visiting popular tourist destinations to them. Your guests are likely to depend on your guidance.

Offer Safety Lockers 

Traveling with valuable belongings (such as cameras or other electronics) and cash always leaves people vulnerable to theft. This is also a large part of why they may be wary about staying at a hostel.

You can kill two birds with one stone by offering safety lockers for a small deposit. 

Your guests will sleep better knowing their property is safe and you can also earn a neat profit!

Organize Events and Activities

You can organize all kinds of events and activities to encourage communal bonding and spending:

  • Have a themed party, serve some beverages and finger foods. You can also have a DJ if you have the space!
  • Tours such as city walks and historical sightseeing, in addition to trying out local specialties, will give your guests a unique experience.
  • Bar crawls or cafe-hopping is a fun way to spend a night too.

Essentially, as a local, you may have fun insights into the place’s secret beauties, and introducing them to your guests is a great way to get them spending!

Laundry Services Are Always A Plus

Socializing aside, hostels that offer practical services are also sure to be successful.

Even the roughest backpackers appreciate clean, freshly washed clothes. Having an in-house laundry service is sure to boost your guests’ spending.

To summarize, a warm and pleasant environment, along with some practical and useful amenities are all essential to running a successful hostel and encourage your guests to spend more.

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