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The hospitality industry is one where customer service is of the utmost importance. This is due to the fact being able to keep with constant demands will bring more profit your way. However, this is easier said than done with daily operations taking on different forms. Luckily, there are available tips on how to get this done. Additionally, the process can now be automated and this article will provide you with all the necessary info.

What is PMS for Hospitality?

In terms of making the service life a whole lot easier, you definitely can’t go wrong with the PMS. Short for “property management system,” It is a set of solutions primed for simplifying daily operations. In such wise, activities such as billing and invoicing, analytics and reporting, reservations, etc., are effectively handled. This ensures that customers are not left stranded and employees are not overburdened with work.

How does it work?

The property management system functions in a way that makes it possible to streamline the activities that prioritizes efficiency. This allows your business to run a lot smoother as you worry less about how things are operated and more about customer satisfaction. The software is also capable of making adjustments on the fly and coming up with contingencies. 

In a practical sense, the PMS makes use of a central system that allows for the monitoring of key metrics, e.g., occupancy, average daily rate, thus giving you accurate business figures and ideas on where to improve your structure.

In addition to this amazing system, a Channel Manager is readily at your disposal. This is guaranteed to work smoothly by furnishing your business with real time updates. That being said, the main attraction here is the fact that your business will be able to monitor numerous sales channels at once. It creates an opportunity to fully automate your process and reduce the margin for error, i.e. overbookings, to the barest minimum. 

What are its advantages?

At this point, you’re no doubt already invested. Let’s seal the deal and give you a rundown of the amazing benefits you stand to gain. These include but are not limited to the following;

  • Automated process

Ideally, this is the main attraction when it comes to the PMS and it’s not hard to see why. The modern nature of the property management system makes it possible to meet customer demands constantly. As a result of this, daily operations are no longer delayed. Additionally, repetitive tasks can be scheduled in such a way that they can run in a loop. Essentially, reservations and event scheduling is done smoothly. In the long run, this will effectively speed up all other operations and while also reducing the margin for error. 

  • Easy system integration 

It’s not surprising that vendors, hoteliers and event center owners have always sought new ways to make their business easier. However, issues may arise if you keep adding more technology to your business without considering their compatibility. This is where the PMS comes in as a management software that won’t conflict with what you already have. Once integrated correctly, it will sync perfectly and perform with no issues. 

  • User-friendly interface

When talking about “hospitality,” it’s really about “keeping the customer happy.” The easiest way to get this done is by making sure their transaction runs smoothly and with no hassles. The property management system is perfect for this because it comes with a dashboard that is easy to read and navigate. It also functions as a real-time assistant giving your customers updates and guidelines so you don’t have to.


When it comes to hunting for the right PMS, pricing plays a significant role in determining which way to go. In this regard, the cost can be considered in view of available options. Thus, this includes the following:

  • Pay per room

Considered to be the most popular form of PMS pricing when it comes to hotels and guest houses, there are different tiers with the overall being affected by the number of rooms. Essentially, a higher number of rooms would mean that the overall cost is higher. In terms of cost, it can be obtained with as little as $4 per room on a monthly basis. This usually includes a set up fee.

  • One time license

This pricing variation operates in a rather exclusive fashion. This is in the sense that you pay a single license fee to completely have ownership of the software. Seeing as this is the case, the edition of the software will determine the cost with figures starting high at almost $1,000 and possibly rising above $10,000. 

Furthermore, it’s important to factor in the amount of workstations and users that will be necessary when making your purchase. 

  • Tiered model

This version works based on a room range structure as opposed to letting a specific number determine pricing. They are also based on subscription and determined by your edition selection. Amazingly, they work well with the pay per room version. 

As pertains to cost, there’s lower cost when it comes to cloud based solutions, and PouchNATION offers you the best plan options for your business. You can choose the plan that’s right for you here.

Final thoughts

Your hospitality performance ratings just got a whole lot better with the Property Management System. The preceding has shown just how easy it is to run and all the gains that await you. As an all-in-one solution, PouchNATION aims to digitize operations and increase guest spending for all hospitality venues, and going forward, we have integrated our solution with Mews and also with Cloudbeds to take the service to the next level. In the case of the latter, Channel Manager and PMS features have already been provided to make the hospitality business a lot easier. Finance and revenue management are also welcome additions to an already extensive benefit list. 

These are key in retrieving guest booking information via the use of relevant demographic metrics to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

About PouchNATION

All-in-one Cashless and Guest Management solution for venues and events to digitize operations and increase guest spend using NFC wearable technology. With operations in 7 countries in Asia and Australia PouchNATION has already processed using its innovative solution over 2 million of Guests and 100 million USD in transaction value.

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