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If you’re in the hospitality business, then you’re familiar with the hassles and hiccups of operations that require continuous monitoring. There’s always someone who treats key cards like they’re disposable, has trouble pulling up documents for verification, or is a newbie who requires more attention than most.

When you’re managing a huge guest list for a venue, the issues you encounter increase tenfold. How do you keep tabs on all your guests, manage the crowd to avoid dissatisfaction and conflict, and increase revenue all at the same time?

If these issues sound all too familiar, then you need to consider PouchNATION’s guest management solutions. 

Pouchnation: In Service to the Hospitality Industry

With the advancement of technology comes a selection of automated business solutions. Some of them are complex and take too much time to understand, troubleshoot, and integrate. 

You won’t have this problem with PouchNATION. Since 2014, PouchNATION has been empowering hospitality venues and events with intelligent solutions that seamlessly connect with existing systems and third-party integrations.

Reap the benefits of guest management technology without spending valuable time and effort in getting it to work for you. Here’s how PouchNATION can help:


Keep track and control guest movement with NFC (near field communication) technology. NFC facilitates cashless transactions and bar service, express check-ins, check-outs, and re-entries. These conveniences pave the way for increased guest satisfaction, purchases, and revenue. 

NFC solutions allow you to grow and maximize sales from your F&B (food and beverage) Department. By enabling real-time inventory monitoring, you can replenish supplies on time. With access to data as it happens on the inventory dashboard, you can also tweak your menu so you can be sure to adapt to your guests’ changing tastes and preferences. By tuning in to what they want, and making purchases fast and seamless, they won’t have any reason to step out for meals. 

Beach Clubs

Give your guests the freedom to fully enjoy the beachfront experience with waterproof NFC wristbands. PouchNATION’s technology allows your guests to leave their valuables in lockers with NFC-enabled access. 

Since the wristbands are waterproof, guests can indulge in water activities and make cashless purchases at any time even without their wallets. You can hold multi-day events with an integrated ticketing solution and keep track of food and beverage purchases with PouchNATION’s integration with Oracle Micros Simphony.

Event Venues

PouchNATION’s guest management solutions enable you to deliver an unforgettable (and profitable) event experience. Harness technology that allows you to shorten queues and grant quick entry to authorized ticket holders, control access, manage crowds, and monitor attendance, capacity, and traffic in real-time. 

You’ll also have access to event insights that will allow you to get to know your guests, understand their behaviors, and deliver tailored experiences that will keep them coming back. 

Protip: Did you know that cashless solutions can drive up in-venue guest purchases by as much as 30%?

Theme Parks

If you’ve ever visited a theme park, then you’ve had to contend with long queues, the inability to shop quickly, and trudging great distances just to reach the payment booth. It’s an experience that has discouraged many guests from purchases that would have generated additional income.

PouchNATION provides an easy solution to these common problems. Theme parks have much to benefit from offering cashless payments, quick and automated redemption of promotional offers, inventory management, and an integrated ticketing system. The system is completely scalable and customizable. For example, PouchNATION’s ticketing solution can be used for one-time access, multi-day access, and scheduled shows. 

PouchNATION: Technology That Works for You

PouchNATION ensures that its technology works for you and not the other way around. Its intuitive, customizable, and scalable solutions are changing the hospitality industry one business at a time. Since launching in 2014, PouchNATION has helped over 200 businesses and has been part of over 500 events around the world.Contact PouchNATION to see how you can increase in-venue guest spend at your establishment.

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