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Technological upgrades can require an intensive overhaul of your existing systems. But in today’s tech-centric age, it is essential to have a well-oiled system that is convenient, user-friendly, and efficient. Technology might be expensive, but it can also optimize your output in the long run. That’s why you need to be well-informed about what technology to choose that can benefit your venue significantly, yet won’t break your bank.

Venues Can Benefit from Technology 

Guest management has evolved since its early days. Technological advancements can help enhance the attendees’ experience and make your and your staffs’ jobs easier.

Correctly implemented technology can ensure that your guests can have the best experience whilst you reap the benefits of hassle-free operations.

Given the current state of affairs, using technology to reduce human dependency in venues has become an imperative. For example, NFC Smart Cards or wristbands that allow you to easily facilitate cashless transactions, fast check-in/check-out process, open room door-locks, all the while recording valuable customer data using a closed-loop system that can work online and/or offline, would make managing the venue operations practical for all types of venues.

It can save the management and guests a lot of hassle and make things run seamlessly.

But Implementation Can Be Expensive 

Implementing new technology can be exacting – financially as well as in terms of time and effort. 

As essential as it is for organizations to utilize the latest, upgraded technology, and implementing it, is a huge hurdle to overcome. The cost of new technology is already high – from purchasing the equipment to getting it transported and installed.

Add to this the effort of educating teams/employees on how to effectively and efficiently use it, it’s evident why a technological upgrade can be an elephant in the room no one wants to address. 

However, technology does make life easier for everyone. 

Try Cost-Neutral Upgrades With PouchNATION

PouchNATION helps you remain cost-neutral when introducing tech to your venues by reducing the implementation cost. 

  • You do not have to purchase new equipment or devices to run the system. PouchNATION can run smoothly with your existing desktop computers/tablets, Android based smartphones with built-in NFC, and standard kitchen printers. 
  • PouchNATION’s recent upgrade on our NFC technology allows multi application integration ability, which means that you do not have to substitute your door locks as the existing NFC card locks can already be integrated with the cashless payment system, and all guest data collection, so all you have to do is to change your cards with our NFC Smart Card or wristbands. This saves you the cost of having to replace your existing mechanisms with newer ones just for the sake of making them compatible with PouchNATION. 
  • PouchNATION integrates seamlessly with other platforms for online ticketing and booking, accounting, PMS software and POS system in real-time so you can build a workflow fit for your organization.
  • We do not charge any additional cost for our contactless POS, our subscription plans allow you to choose the plan that’s right for your venue. 
  • With the help of our newly upgraded NFCs, customers can easily make purchases and subvert the need for cashier lines. This encourages more sales. It also brings down your costs in terms of cashier registries and other factors that go into cash transactions.


Staying updated with technology doesn’t always have to be complicated and expensive. Technology is meant to be useful and effective. 

With the new upgraded NFC technology that PouchNATION has, you can seamlessly collect all the data you need from your guests, the ability to promote cashless transactions, open door-locks, and build your own integrated workflow is truly changing how venues function. Add to this the fact that the cost of installation is negligible and you have the perfect solution for your venue business. 

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