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A restaurant’s success hinges on the quality of its food and service. Anything below par could mean lost patrons and dollars, and today’s challenging economic scenario would make it rather hard to bounce back.  

When it comes to service, a great customer experience begins when a guest enters your restaurant and ends when they leave. Quality service requires a seamless system to satisfy your customer consistently. Your workforce, menu, and machine must work together to provide a pleasant experience that will turn a one-time customer into a repeat patron.

Factor in the challenges of the pandemic, and it’s clear that adapting is the only way to keep your business afloat and ready for the new normal.

POS And Possibilities  

The global COVID19 crisis has forced us to limit our interactions and physical contact in public, restaurants included. And if your POS system still requires your customers to queue up and hand in cash and take receipts, you run the risk of losing them. After all, with cash transactions, there’s the issue of safety and hygiene, speed and convenience.

If you’ve been considering shifting your POS to a cashless, all-in-one system but are unsure if it’s the right route for your resto at this time, here’s a guide to help you decide.

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Recognize Your Need for It

Is your current POS system slowing down your process and making your customers wait longer than necessary? Functions like manually writing orders, handling cash, and issuing kitchen order tickets can limit your capacity to maximize your operations. 

Other administrative tasks like manual accounting and checking receipts one by one can be automated to lessen the work and the staff needed to do them. Pandemic or not, streamlining your processes directly benefits your operation and bottom line. Aside from this, less contact and speedier transactions align with the current restrictions in public places for health and safety. As a responsible business owner, you would want to keep your customers and staff safe from harm.

Make A Cost-benefit Analysis

Shifting to an all-in-one cashless POS solution can come with a subscription cost, but if your long-term expenses on staffing and your current POS machine maintenance is higher, then it’s time to make that change. This will also lessen the costs you incur due to human error and possible theft.

Having a low-maintenance but high-performing solution that’s accurate and reliable can benefit your business in many ways.

Assess Accessibility

Manual POS systems are hard-wired on-site and are dependent on a stable internet connection. When it breaks down, you’ll need to call a technician to check the machine. Accessing data from it also requires you to inspect the hardware physically. If this has been the case for you, it might be time to switch to a POS that allows you greater access.

A cashless, all-in-one system provides you with the flexibility of accessing and managing your data remotely, even without an internet connection. As a result, data management, monitoring, and analysis become easier for you even when you’re away from your restaurant. Everything automatically gets saved and updated once an internet connection becomes available. And with today’s cloud storage and other backup features, you won’t run the risk of losing your data.

You can stay more connected and hands-on with your daily operations without having to be on-site physically.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to look into the valuable and long-term benefits of shifting to an all-in-one cashless POS solution. It’s key to providing a quality customer experience to your guests and helps you maximize your operation and revenue potential.

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PouchNATION is asia’s leading all-in-one cashless and guest management solution for venues and events that digitize operations and increase guest spend using NFC wearable technology. Find out how your venue can benefit from our scalable and flexible solutions here.

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