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One of the most important parts of post-event analytics and reporting is measuring the Return of Investments (ROI). Event organizers and sponsors surely want to know if the money they invested has been spent effectively or if their marketing campaign achieved their targeted result. But how do you measure ROI using sales analytics? And how can PouchNATION help you retrieve the data you need in sales analytics?

Tracking Social Media

Tracking what your audience are saying before, during, and after your event can give you insights to help you optimize your event. You can create a unique hashtag related to your event and encourage your attendees to use that hashtag when they post about your event. The use of NFC wristband like PouchNATION will also help you socialize your event. By ‘listening‘ to the social media, you can identify engaged attendees as well as getting their feedback and response related to your event.


Monitoring Attendees’ Engagement

During an event, PouchNATION set up access points in several areas to track which areas of the event that are most frequented. For instance, if you’re organizing an event with sponsor booths spread around the venue of your event, you can analyze which sponsors get the most engagement from attendees by tracking the area that are most frequented by the attendees. This data will surely be beneficial for your sponsors.


Tracking Transactions

PouchNATION’s wristband offers a cashless payment for attendees, so they can purchase merchandise, food & beverages, or make other transactions during event more easily. For event organizers, the system will help them track sales much more quickly and easily. Organizers can also give a more reliable report to sponsors, especially since the system also helps organizers to get demographic data and other types of data of attendees.


The RFID system in PouchNATION’s wristband will help organizers easily and quickly get the accurate data needed for sales analytics. With the right data and analysis, organizers can get the value of ROI they need.


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