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Once considered premium-add-ons for higher paying customers, perks like personalized service and faster check-ins are now expected as part of the guest experience in the post-pandemic hospitality industry. 

But giving your guests a personalized experience doesn’t require big budgets or complicated systems. 

Digital technologies like guest management services can help even the smallest, independent hostels to deliver a fantastic guest experience while improving productivity and reducing operating costs. 

What is a guest management solution?

A guest management system is a centralized solution, giving your staff all the information about your guests at your fingertips; from profile details, billing, deposit and transaction records, along with food and drink preferences all in one place. 

All this empowers staff at even the smallest hotels to personalize and improve the guest experience. 

You can understand your past, present and future guests, their behaviours, likes and dislikes, needs and expectations through the smart use of data analytics. Combined with contactless solutions throughout your venue, you can turn first-time visitors into repeat customers and give them the VIP experience they deserve. 

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Why your hospitality venue needs a guest management solution 

Faster guest check-in

A 2014 study shows Americans get anxious at check-in after just three minutes, with satisfaction scores dropping by 50 points after five minutes. In 2021, hoteliers need to adhere to safe distancing policies and keep their guests safe. Streamline the guest check-in process and process transactions faster with a guest management solution with all your data in one place.

More organic upselling and cross-selling opportunities 

With data about your guests in one system, you can suggest the most relevant offers, upgrades or add-ons to enhance your customer experience at your venue. Offer romantic dinner menu packages to couples, breakfast at a reduced rate for families with young children, drinks on-the-go for backpackers, the list of ideas is endless to offer the best possible experience for your guests while increasing revenue. 

A more personalized guest experience powered by data

A truly personalized guest experience starts with robust guest data. 

Start tailoring the guest experience through pre-stay surveys designed to discover more about your guest’s needs and preferences. 

As your staff interacts with your guests, ensure they save this information to your guest profiles like birthdays, anniversary dates, dietary preferences and accessibility requirements. Personalize welcome notes and emails with their names. These mini-interaction touch points enable your staff to create a more personalized, special experience for your guest. 

A guest management system empowers you to delight your guests with data

Using customer data to create personalized guest experiences is crucial to delight your guests in a post-pandemic economy. 

And it all starts with a centralized guest management solution to record all this data to power these experiences. Your guests will appreciate it!

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