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The use of RFID has shifted the nature of both the guest and event organizer’s experience. This tech is not just for the huge music festivals anymore; RFID has benefits for all types of events at events like conferences, trade shows, and expos. Many event organizers nowadays embrace event software technology which has opened the door for them to get more creative and explore what the event could gain while also improving the guests experience.

From practical improvements to interactive experiences, here are 5 ways how RFID is used to enhance the guests experience at conferences and expo:

1.  Fast, simultaneous gate entry

One of the most exciting elements of RFID is that it can speed up entry. Attendees simply tap their smart wristband or their accreditation card over a scanner to enter. Shorter lines, faster registration process since line-of-sight verifications are not necessary for entry.

2.  Real time insights to improve the event

For multi-day events, having a real time data reporting can be useful for event organizers to efficiently manage the crowd. They can monitor day-per-day guest flow and can easily make smarter decisions like adding extra lanes or changing gates based on the RFID data. RFID can give them accurate, real time data for on-the-spot crowd support. Moreover, it enables the event organizer to identify the leading speakers, sponsors, or performers, which is a useful insight to help them draw a bigger crowd next year.

3.  Go cashless

Forget long lines at ATMs or at any transaction booth. Guests can easily pay using their smart wristband. Research shows that guests spend up to 20% more on-site when they are using RFID which is a great chance for the organizers to increase revenue.

4. Seamless data collection, master the Sponsor pitch

RFID enables to track traffic at the sponsor’s booths and measure their ROI. The data can reveal precisely how many people have engaged with their brand and can calculate the real value of sponsorship.

As many sponsors usually conduct competitions during events, RFID is a handy tool for pitch battle sessions. From raffles to polls, virtual votes about favorite performers, it can be done easily with just a tap. The guests are more willing to participate and share their information because of its simplicity.

5. Get to know the audience at the whole new level

RFID captures the highs and lows of visitor engagement. Event organizers can gain in-depth understanding of what their visitors are engaging with and are excited about at the event. With the daily analytics being gathered live on-site, event organizers can compare results to make each year even bigger and better.

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