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Eligible venues get $7,000 in credits towards the PouchNATION Plus plan. The credits will be valid for 1 year and cover costs for the plan as well as a free Starter Kit.

Single Hospitality Venue with F&B facilities. Based in Indonesia, Philippines or Vietnam. Not currently on any of PouchNATION’s paid plans.

Eligibly Criteria

As part of PouchNATION Pioneer Program, any eligible venue will receive a Free Starter Kit with 50 NFC Cards deliver to your doorstep in 5 working days.

What is included on Starter Kit

After your credits are consumed or expire, you’ll have the option to continue using the Plus plan or upgrade/downgrade to a different plan.

What happens after I consume my credits?

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The Easiest Way to Power your Venue to go Cashless

Cashless Point of Sales

Employ the power of cashless to eliminate lines, speed up service and increase customer spend.

Use real-time sales and customer data to grow your business, manage inventory and reduce loss.

Sales Reporting

Capture purchase behavior and match against customer data

Guest Management Solution

Boost your brand presence

Extend your brand presence through crowd-sourcing, as your guests continue their journey wearing your wristband.

Able to integrate with ASSA ABLOY, World’s #1 supplier of Door Locking Solutions.

Integration Door Lock

Take Cashless Payments away from the bar, on tours, at the beach, etc. Sell anywhere, any time

Mobile Sales

How PouchNATION Works

Cashless and Guest Management

From check-in to in-venue purchase, digitize and enhance guest interactions across the entire venue (PMS, POS, devices and other software)

Wearable NFC

Guests are issued with a wristband/card that be used to top up, buy F&B or open the room door.

How Does Cashless Improve Profitability?

Cashless transactions provide multiple physical and psychological mechanisms that have a strong positive effect on profitability.

Reduce Staff Theft to 0

Increase Spend

Customers are likely to subconsciously commit to spending money that has been loaded.

You can consolidate your cash collection.

Simply tap to pay. This drives increased consumption (less wait) and reduces staffing requirements.

Reduce Service Time

Unclaimed Top-Up Balance On Check-Out Can Provide Additional Value Revenue

Allowing customers to purchase anywhere, any time within your event or venue.

Mobile Devices Increase Purchasing Convenience

Vietnam Backpacker Hostels

HOSTEL • Hanoi, Vietnam

Case Study





  • Pilferage Eliminated
  • 60% Revenue Increase Beginning Week 1
  • Increased User Spend
  • User Data Capture
  • Measurable Promotions
  • Increased Profits

Vietnam Backpacker Hostels (VBH) is Vietnam’s #1 Hostel chain. Due to constant theft in its more remote locations, VBH were forced to offer an all-in model at a higher price point so there was no transacting at the venue. This reduced the number of customers. VBH approached PouchNATION to look for a solution that could allow guests to transact at their venues, while eliminating theft and providing insights.

Use Case

Through deploying PouchNATION’s cashless solutions at their Ninhvana Hostel, VBH no longer have a concern about theft. They have been able to move to a Pay As You Go (P.A.Y.G) model, which has resulted in a greatly increased number of attendees. PouchNATION terminals are present at check-in, the Spa, and F&B areas. In addition to eliminating theft and allowing a revenue model that has greatly increased profits

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PouchNATION helped us to combine 3 in 1 different concepts and deliver the full experience of Gather.“Eat. Move. Chill. Repeat.” This is what GATHER is all about.

Gather Wellness Complex

Hanoi, Vietnam

I have had the pleasure of working with PouchNATION on contactless payments for large scale music events of up to 2000 people, which facilitated a seamless guest experience, increased spend per head, and in-depth and immediate financial reporting and analytics.

Ulu Cliffhouse

Bali, Indonesia

On behalf of A-ONE hotels, I thank you, everyone, involved in the speedy implementation of PouchNATION system in Fat Coco. The result was very good and efficient. Thank you once again.

A-ONE Management


PouchNation was one of the best business decisions we made when first opening our hostel. It makes the sales and inventory management process so easy, and our guests love it, because well, it’s super cool, high tech, and simple to use.

Siembra Hostel

Minca, Colombia

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