About Unis Sunsational Spring Fair 2017

Celebrating its 30th year of operations, The United Nations International School of Hanoi (UNIS), renews its partnership with PouchNATION for UNIS Fair 2018. Attended by 80 UN member nations, and featuring an eclectic mix of food, games and activities, UNIS Fair is recognized as the definitive community event in Hanoi’s International community.

Custom NFC Wristband Onsite Registration Access Control Cashless Payment Intelligent Reporting

This is our second year running a school fair fundraiser event together with PouchNATION. The data that we have received has revolutionized the way we organise our event. The first year we didn't see to much change in terms of numbers because it was a learning curve for our community. It was fun, cool, modern, easy for the community to use. The devices are intuitive and easy to navigate.

The immediate and insightful information about the event that we received gave the team numbers we learn a lot from. We were able to use the data in our organising-process this second year and the results are astounding. Queue times were short at the loading booths and at our stalls this year which in turn positively affected our sales. Our average spend went up by 50%!

Additionally, because Merchants were able to customize their menus they know exactly how many portions of food/drink were sold. This information is vital in the planning process and before PouchNATION we had nothing to work with.

I can't recommend PouchNATION enough!

Nathalie Grun

Community Liaison Officer, UNIS Hanoi