How Cloudbeds x PouchNATION integration works

Integration with Cloudbeds will give our mobile app the privilege to search guests with reservations in Cloudbeds. With this feature, guests could readily claim their NFC wristbands since necessary information such as his name, email address or mobile number are auto-generated from the reservation details.


Save precious time

Cut the check-in time and swiftly validate reservations. No more long queues means happier guests and staff.

PouchNATION x Cloudbeds integration can save at least 8 hours of time a week.

Hassle-free payments

NFC wristbands are issued upon checkin and with just a tap, guests can make cashless payments to establishments such as bars, restaurants and other services within the property.

Payments are prompty collected or can later to billed to the guest’s account. The bill is settled during checkout.

Insights at your fingertips

Improve your business performance with realtime analytics. Manage your property and get data insights anytime, anywhere.

Save time and increase guest satisfaction

Eliminate manual work, speed up check-in, and provide a better guest and staff experience - all at no cost for Cloudbed Clients.