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BY WE THE PVBLIC  - Making events is hard. You have to make plans A to Z and you have to know every chink that could happen in all of your plans. This is why it’s so fulfilling when you come out of your event alive and you know that the people there enjoyed it genuinely. We the Pvblic interviewed Mr. Graeme Perkins, Chief Marketing Officer of PouchNATION, on what PouchNATION is and why you need to have them at your event to make things a lot more convenient for…

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Cultural, natural and recreational tourist attractions are usually the main reasons why people visit a country. But for the past couple of years, event tourism has quickly gained traction, as more and more people travel from one country to another just to attend special events such as concerts, sport games, and the like. After all, the experience is a significant part of traveling and tourism. Tourists will surely get a lot of experience in an event they enjoy. The first reason why events and event management held an important…

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  It’s been a month since we were dancing our days away in the beautiful gem of Hanoi, Vietnam. It was indeed a hands-down-best-produced festival, from the picturesque location to the boat parties to the jaw-dropping stage setups and many more. We want to share our Quest Festival weekend fun with you to complete that hipster-shaped shack in your heart that its absence has produced. Many people would still find time to attend a festival like Quest despite their hectic schedule at work. With Quest…

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by Tania Wee - The 2017 Music Run™ by AIA Vitality just wrapped up and it was a blast! I should know, I was there! When running a run with booming speakers at every 50m or so, it seemed about right (at least to me) to do the 10km distance. More mileage, better pacing, better for health. Those around KL Sports City could definitely hear the beat of the music and the enthusiastic voices of 20,000 excited runners and music lovers. The music was thumping…

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