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PouchNATION, a start-up that is digitalizing events and which now has operations in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, began when its founders saw how archaic and cumbersome it was to organize an event in Asia. “My partners and I used to join many events as sponsors for an old product we had. During these engagements, we noticed how manual event management was and coming from tech backgrounds, we knew we could improve both the management and experience with technology. So we got to work,” says…

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MANILA - PouchNATION is a technology solution purely focused on relieving event pain points to deliver the smoothest guest experience possible. All events have pain points, many of which are shared regardless of the nature of the event. PouchNATION began by creating an NFC-based system that helps with guest registration, cashless payments, access control, activity tracking, social engagement, and detailed analytic reporting. Beginning mid-2016, PouchNATION has extended its abilities to manage the guests' journey from the very beginning, event discovery, and ticket purchase. Most if…

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