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With the importance of social media in society’s daily life these days, it’s hard to overlook the effect it has on a marketing campaign. The role of social media in promoting an event is not only important before and during an event, but also after an event. And to utilize social media in promoting your event, you can’t just make a social media account for an event, post contents about your event in that account, and then, hope that people will read your content to…

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One of the most important parts of post-event analytics and reporting is measuring the Return of Investments (ROI). Event organizers and sponsors surely want to know if the money they invested has been spent effectively or if their marketing campaign achieved their targeted result. But how do you measure ROI using sales analytics? And how can PouchNATION help you retrieve the data you need in sales analytics? Tracking Social Media Tracking what your audience are saying before, during, and after your event can give you insights…

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Being an event organizer or an event manager means you need to be able to complete multiple tasks under time pressure. And of course, if you want your event to run smoothly, you need to do those tasks exceptionally. This is surely not an easy thing to do. But like many other things in this modern world, technology can help you complete your tasks much more easily. With the help of an event software, event organizers can plan an outstanding event experience, whether it’s a…

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In business, the main target is, of course, to maintain or increase sales. To do so, marketing holds an important role but another element in successful sales is sales analytics, which monitors customer activities and ties said activities to specific sales efforts. This analysis will help businesses determine which marketing strategy helps improve sales, what pushes customers to make a transaction, and what the business needs to do to keep improving its sales. But the question is, what do businesses need to analyze from the data they have?   Before…

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