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 They use an innovative NFC solution to help brands capture and activate an offline audience Manual is out, digital is in. As far as events are concerned, digitalisation is one of the best things to happen to it; just imagine all the work that went into the registration, access management, and documentation of events in the past. Now, event goers can simply wear their RFID tags or wristbands, which can be delivered to their homes or collected at event registration areas, and use said tags for…

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There’s been a lot of talk about how piracy and streaming have affected the music industry over the years. But live event management startups are not complaining. You see, as recorded music – which used to be the industry’s bread and butter – continues to suffer from widespread piracy and to an extent, online streaming, artists are turning to live music as a big source of income. Let’s zoom in on some stats. From 1999 to 2014, sales of recorded music have fallen drastically by…

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