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The ultimate goal of brand activation is to drive consumers to interact with your brand, so they eventually form a connection and loyalty to your brand. Of course, this works for events too, especially if the event you’re organizing is being held regularly. You want your attendees to get a great experience so they will attend your next event in the future. If you succeeded in building a brand for your event, then you’ll have no problem in getting loyal attendees. [caption id="attachment_702" align="aligncenter" width="604"]…

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If you observe the events that took place recently, you’ll most likely notice that they have one thing in common: a social media campaign. Days, even months, before their event, organizers would make an account of their event on Facebook and/or Instagram, post the event details, creating a hashtag of their own, trying to garner a huge follower, even getting some buzzers or celebrities with huge follower numbers to mention them on social media to get followers‘ attention. And during the event, organizers would encourage…

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Fun chaos is something to be expected when attending music festivals or live events. People constantly move around from one stage to another to catch their favorite performances which is not an ideal situation for holding on to their belongings especially a wallet or cash! The entire live event industry has been headed in the cashless direction, providing a solution to improve the guest experience. In the past few years, the radio frequency identification (RFID) system gains its popularity across US, Europe, and Southeast Asia…

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Sponsorship can create meaningful brand experiences. The brand can let the audience become part of the brand and product itself. But, the experience is always depending on the product’s interaction to the audience. Audience will engage if the brand uncovers their own assets within the event’s rights. Then, the sponsor can measure the mileage of how this event is success or not. Yes, measuring the mileage of successful event is the main pain point of sponsorship problems. Because a sponsorship agency shouldn’t only help a…

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