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Making events is hard. You have to make plans A to Z and you have to know every chink that could happen in all of your plans.

This is why it’s so fulfilling when you come out of your event alive and you know that the people there enjoyed it genuinely.

We the Pvblic interviewed Mr. Graeme Perkins, Chief Marketing Officer of PouchNATION, on what PouchNATION is and why you need to have them at your event to make things a lot more convenient for you.

1. What is PouchNATION?

PouchNATION is Southeast Asia’s No.1 cashless payment and brand activation tool for events.


2. What do your wristbands do that other wristbands can’t do?

Unlike standard RFID or barcode wristbands, PouchNATION wristbands are far more secure and 100% more accurate with all interactions. Every single interaction a guest has with an event is monitored to help event producers improve their experience from event to event. Whether it be sales insights, social media engagement, brand activations or heightened security, our tech helps simplify and improve the guests’ journey. At PouchNATION, we are always focused on helping create outstanding experiences for guests.


3. What does it do in an event?

We help manage the guests’ journey from the very beginning, ticket purchase. A guest can purchase a ticket, load money to it all in one process. From there they have access to the event, can engage with all activities without having to worry about half the problems they used to with manual run events.


4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how easy is it to transact?

It’s a 10. Transacting doesn’t get any easier than this. Merchants can handle much larger order volumes in less time. Now, the problem is how fast can event staff prepare the item ordered!


5. What’s the coolest feature about it?

For me, the coolest factor is the ability to buy my tickets and load money on it all in one step. This is super convenient and helps a guest get to the fun part of an event faster. Also, another cool interactive feature of it is, it lets you share photos on your Facebook timeline instantly or have your photos sent to your personal email with just a simple tap.

Wonder how it works? The event photographer with a PouchNATION NFC device will take pictures of guests, the device will then be tapped in their NFC wristbands to tag them, and easily share it on social media during the event. The photos come with a custom event photo.


6. Millennials like to pattern what they wear at a certain event. Is it possible to “customize” the design of the wristbands?

Wristband design is customizable for the event organizer.


7. What’s the biggest problem it can solve?

Event producers face several problems: monitoring sales, cash flow, guest safety, higher engagement, guest tracking, long lines, and brand mileages. PouchNATION’s system addresses all of the above.


8. How do you market your product to the pvblic?

As a B2B business, we do not do heavy mass marketing. However, we do try to engage the pvblic in our events as much as possible with ticket giveaways, special invites, and even free items for our top spenders!

PouchNATION gives brands and sponsors the ability to convert offline event attendees into online customers, as well as a tool for them to identify and engage with their target market and measure the effectivity of their marketing efforts at the same time.


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