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As an event planner, your number one duty is to ensure that your event has a high turnout. But it is also important to ensure that your attendees leave with a positive impression and look forward to attending more events in the future. Events small and large usually have common pain points, like guest satisfaction, media coverage, brand exposure, and proving ROI. An advanced event planning software system like PouchNATION can help address these issues.


Here are five advantages of using a software-based event planning system:


Streamlines the registration process.

Using event management software for guest registration and ticket sales is time-saving and convenient. Unlike registering via email, the process is instant. You can even customize the registration form by including details to be used for statistical or analytical purposes.  Potential attendees have the option of registering at any time and from anyplace.


Cashless payment helps manage attendee satisfaction.

Guests do not have to wait for queues to buy food or drinks – the cashless payment software enables payment with the swipe of a wristband!  Guests are likely to spend more when using cashless payment as compared to using cash or card.


Intelligence reporting becomes easy.

With integrated event software, you get access to multiple reports at no added cost. You also get to fine tune collected data from these reports so that you can evaluate the success of your event.


Measure return on investment.

It is very important for event planners to have a valuable return on their investments to ensure the success of future events. Event management software such as PouchNation help measures the effectiveness of events with post-event surveys, customized insights, and more.


Can be used to improve brand engagement.

Great event management software makes it easy to upload branding elements and integrate them into your content.


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