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Music festivals are some of the most difficult events for event organizers to control. Whether the event is entirely outdoors or not, there are hundreds upon hundreds of factors organizers have to consider to make sure their busy event runs without getting bogged down by too many issues. And as any festival organizer or attendant is sure to know, the presence of thousands of people all with a party-hard mentality does always lend itself to being easily dealt with.

Technology companies like PouchNATION can make the lives of event organizers and attendants much easier with their event management solutions which include but are not limited to: cashless payments, guest registrations, security, intelligence reporting, ticketing & reporting, brand engagement, analytics and insights, and much more. In fact, their event management solutions lend themselves to three different categories: event organizers, venues, and brands. The idea here is to promote a total package that will totally transform the festival from its earlier iterations.

Here are a few problems that PouchNATION’s event management solutions solve for event organizers and attendees alike:

No More Lines, and No More Lost Wallets

Event organizers put a lot of time into organizing their festival in such a way that attendants avoid long queues for food, drinks, and gate entrance. And while attendants are also thinking about this issue, a bigger concern for them is how they can safely hold on to their wallets while partying throughout the day. Event management solutions which include cashless payments with the use of pay bracelets solve both of these worries. Vendors no longer have to spend time dealing with cash or credit cards, and the issues that go with them, meaning that lines are going to move faster, which in turn means that the festival is going to move more smoothly overall. Festivals often suffer the issue of having audience members searching the grounds and lost and found for their wallets, but when they have NFC wristbands, they can leave their belongings safely at their hotel or campsite so that nothing of value is lost.

Easily Track Engagement

Event management solutions from PouchNATION include technology that allow event organizers and managers the ability to see what areas of a festival are receiving the most action from attendees. As every event organizer knows, increasing traffic to sponsors is beneficial for both the current event and future ones, and with PouchNATION’s intelligence reports and analyses, organizers will be able to see how and why certain areas are more frequented by others, allowing them to work on strategies that build on this engagement.

Post-Event Information

Technology from PouchNATION employs post-event surveys and customized insights so that event organizers know exactly where they need to improve and with which populations of guests and sponsors they need to improve. What is often most important about event management solutions is that their benefits carry over to future festivals so that each and every one builds on the weaknesses of its predecessor.


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