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Event management is not an easy task especially when you have to coordinate all the activities in such a manner that attendees come back with a positive view and spread positive vibes about your events. NFC or Near Field Communication is an evolved technology that is now being used by event management software providing firms to provide enhanced services to their clients at the click of a few buttons. Besides the advantage of easy usage and cost, this technology provides various benefits that can help event organizers stay in touch with attendees long after the event is over.

Smooth Event Entry

Long queues at ticket checking counters are a common and painful experience which can be avoided by setting up NFC readers at all entry points to track attendees as they check in at the venue. This can be done by a NFC wristband given to all attendees, so they don’t have to show paper tickets at the gates.

Cashless Payments

The NFC wristband can also be used by attendees as a digital payment system to buy snacks, drinks, and merchandise items at the event to quicken the wait time of queues and to minimize the risk of getting robbed which is a common nightmare when attending an event. This form of cashless payment system is being used by most event organizers now to make the process seamless across all points. The NFC wristband can help sponsors provide benefits like discounts and freebies to attendees for future events to encourage attendance.

Advertising and Data Analysis

The NFC technology can also work as an advertising tool when event managers allow attendees to link their NFC wristbands on social media or even use their accounts to check-in to the event. This kind of free advertising can be a brand activation tool for sponsors. The NFC wristband, when swiped at different zones of the event, helps the sponsors gauge details about their activities and use this data analytics to make their future events better. As a sponsor, you can also analyze both positive and negative feedback with a clearer perspective as data will drive it.


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