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Selecting the right venue or event management software could mean success or failure of your event that could also impact organizers’ brand value. It is crucial to choose the ideal one that meets your unique goals. In an industry where every communication could be critical, event organizers have to study all details about the event software platforms in the market and find the one that is most suited to their needs and fulfills these basic criteria.

  • Event Website or Application

A website or application are the best online tools for event organizers to connect guests, sponsors, social media and all essential details on a single platform. Though most event software programs provide website facility, very few of them make event application which can be specific to the each event.

  • Registration and Tracking

The software should be able to track registration of guests, sponsors and media houses covering the event to secure a holistic error-free system. Large-scale events that have different sections for guests based on their importance in the social ladder should take special care to ensure that attendees do not feel slighted in any manner.

  • Marketing and Promotion

Event management software has to have an effective promotional system to market the event across all online and offline platforms to ensure that it reaches the target audience. Online promotion can be done by sending out emails and newsletters to an existing database and also by advertising on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

  • Service Packages and Customization

Depending on the size and scale of the event and guests that are expected to attend, the software should be able to provide a customized plan for effective impact depending on your budget.

  • Wearable Technology

If the event planning software can provide you with NFC based website or app then it could help you seamlessly organize all functions. This sophisticated technology can jazz up the event especially if it is television or film related affair or a music festival that is likely to have gatecrashers.


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