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Post-pandemic travel restrictions have forced many people to adapt, in an effort to slow down the spread of the coronavirus and its variants. On the bright side, several countries have more control over how many travelers enter. This has helped to limit the spread of the virus between borders.

You’ll hear familiar terms such as ‘quarantine bubbles’ and ‘travel pods’ making the rounds online. In a July 2020 poll conducted by travel agency Virtuoso Ltd.79% of respondents agreed to be part of a travel pod.

A travel pod is a close-knit group of people who strictly follow health protocols of quarantining and social distancing. They travel together and do what is necessary to keep themselves safe from getting infected.

Traveling recklessly is not something conscientious individuals will indulge in, nor will the country that hosts these travelers allow. While the world finds ways to cope with the new terms of traveling, many find it as a refreshing change.

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New Travel Trends Post the COVID-19 Pandemic

There are plenty of ways to still enjoy the thrill and freedom of traveling away from home. Take a look at these travel trends that are gaining popularity around the world:

Road Trips in a Private Car

Taking to the road can be an exhilarating experience and the perfect way to bond with family and friends. Road trips allow you to revel in the expanse of the great outdoors unlike bustling airports and packed tourist hotspots.

Rent Out a Villa or Bungalow

Having a place all to yourself has its share of perks: isolation away from throngs of travelers. Here is where you get to feel at home around friends and family by doing the things you love; barbecues by the pool, fishing, throwing a fun party, or just hanging out on the estate.

Check Into a Hotel (With Strict Hygiene Standards)

Plenty of hotels follow a strict hygiene protocol by making sure guests are safe during their stay. Travel and hotel websites include this information in their policies as a way to assure travelers that all health guidelines are followed to a tee.

Book a Private Yacht

For small groups who want uninterrupted alone time, booking a yacht provides a private space to let their hair down. It’s a great way to experience the blissful tranquility of the open sea – although we’ll admit, it doesn’t come that cheap.

The New Pandemic Travel Trend: Be a Responsible Traveler

Traveling means being responsible about how you conduct yourself and how you choose to spend your time. Here’s how being a mindful traveler can make a difference:

●  Continue to wear masks even when restrictions relax in certain countries.

●  Avoid using plastic as often as possible, considering how much waste is accumulating from discarding single-use plastic in an attempt to curb infections.

●  Stay longer in the cities you visit if you’re allowed to work away from home. This helps to minimize overcrowding at airports.

●  Avoid crowded locations where people tend to flout the rules around the holidays and during sporting events.

●  Choose a city with lower incidents of the coronavirus to comfortably move around without putting yourself or your companions at risk.

●  Wash your hands when you step indoors and sanitize your hands frequently when you’re outdoors.

●  Book an eco-resort or a sustainable stay to minimize your carbon footprint.

Considerations Before Traveling

Before packing your bags and taking off, there are a few things to first consider. These can help you make the right decisions to keep yourself and others you may travel with equally safe:

●  Is it necessary to travel, especially if you’ve already visited a few places in the last couple of months?

●  Are you and your travel companions vaccinated?

●  Have you tested yourself recently before deciding to travel?

●  If the city you’re traveling to has high incidents of coronavirus, is it worth the risk?

●  Are you certain that the people you’re traveling with have also been careful about isolating themselves?

Post-pandemic health and safety protocols can make us feel overwhelmed. We need to remember that if we’re ever going to return to any form of normalcy, we first have to respect the delicate reality of our situations.

Keeping the above factors in mind can give us new ways to enjoy traveling – keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe.

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