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Let’s throw back to those days when people tried to record their expenses and incomes on paper. It probably follows with large space for cash and invoices too on their load. However, this kind of situation has changed completely now. The evolution and adaptation of new technologies have brought alternatives in payment as in this case is the cashless one. Cashless payment leads to a new way of digital transactions. They introduce the easiest, the quickest, and the most secure at someone’s service with only a card tap. With this new form of payment, both the hostels and the guests can have a series of benefits that we can see below.


Deliver an empowering guest experience with cashless payments at your hostels. Give them the best experience possible and you will build customer loyalty. With a cashless system, guests can access their rooms, make online payments, and spend more on activities with a wristband or mobile app while improving staff operations. Either way, it’s a seamless and frictionless experience they won’t forget. 


Going contactless is one of the most favored reasons to adopt cashless payments. This helps staff serve more guests in less time to enhance the hostel’s revenue. Guests can view their total expenses and download their final invoice at the time of their departure. On top of that, electronic payment transactions are easier to record and track, leaving no space for human errors.

E-Wallet implementation leads to an increase in hotel occupancy and profits. Guests are inclined to engage and purchase the services by simply scanning and paying.

Receiving prepaid reservations keeps the booking valid and has lower chances of no show or cancellation. This way, you can maintain optimum occupancy at your hostels and thereby boost your business revenue.


With technology today, the way the world works has evolved significantly. With the collection of customer data into a centralized system, cashless payments can record every transaction that is made. Providing you essential data like purchase behavior, customer tracking, location metrics, and many more. This allows you to understand your customers better and offer them services based on customization and preference. It’s important to know who your target audiences are and you can develop personas for marketing efforts. 


NFC technology has an important advantage. A mobile phone with NFC and the required applications can implement a system with all the requirements of a security protocol. By using this wireless technology, the hostel can facilitate authentication such as access to the room in a safe and simple way. 

Say goodbye to the hassle with physical credit cards or PINs when it comes to payment. Guests can also use an app to connect their credit or debit card, and then move or “tap” their smartphones to make an instant and contactless payment. 

NFC technology has emerged as a game-changer in the hospitality industry and is the first step in the right direction to provide enhanced and safer services. Adopting the right payment system and ensuring the ultimate security of your guests’ data is the most crucial element that you need to prioritize. 


It’s no doubt that cashless payment systems guarantee the highest customer satisfaction level during their hostel stay. 

It’s essential to make the guests feel involved in every aspect of their stay and total control and transparency of their expenses. The cashless payment methods become part of that experience and bring a series of advantages to the guests and hostels. 

Cashless payments will boost revenues through increased bookings, lower no-shows, and improved customer retention. Many hostels have embraced cashless operations and haven’t looked back since. Others are starting down the same road and quickly see the endless benefits of cashless, automated online payments. 

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