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If you’ve ever wondered how workers in the mall monitor items, how your shipment is tracked, or how hotel key cards work,  you’re not alone. The advent of radio frequency identification or RFID technology has many of us intrigued.

How does it work? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What Is RFID Technology?

RFID technology works through the medium of — you guessed it — radio waves. This technology can track and identify items, packages, and even people! It has proved to be a game-changer for different industries.

RFID was originally invented in 1983. It has since grown in use and application. RFID systems rely on RFID readers and RFID tags or smart labels with integrated circuits and antennas. RFID tags send data to the reader which the reader then converts to usable data using radio waves. 

Data collected from RFID tags are then transferred to a computer database where it is stored and can be accessed whenever needed.

How Can RFID Technology Benefit Venues?

Venues that host large-scale events can benefit from RFID technology. A common example is not having to deal with long and slow queues in bottleneck areas like entry points. Instead of collecting tickets from patrons, attendees can just wave a badge or wristband over RFID readers to enter.

Forget about lost or misplaced tickets or the frustration of trying to get scanners to read folded up or wet barcodes. RFID technology can handle queues and other large-scale requirements whether it’s controlling access to different parts of the venue or handling re-entries for events that last for days.

Let’s take a closer look at how they can make venues and events better.

What Are the RFID Benefits for Events and Venues?

RFID technology can drastically improve your event experience. Here’s how:

Track Traffic

Large events and large venues entail huge crowds which can be hard to keep track of. RFID makes crowd monitoring significantly easier. By employing RFID bracelets or badges, you can keep track of not just who attended your event, but also which areas they accessed and at what time. 

This allows you to control access so only authorized guests can enter while also tracking which parts of your event were most successful based on where they went.

Increase Onsite Spending

RFID Cashless Technology reduces transaction time, a huge factor that influences onsite spending. Attendees can link a credit card with their ID to make transactions seamless. The ability to quickly and conveniently make purchases encourages further spending which results in an enhanced revenue generator.

Shorter Queues

Nobody wants to spend hours in line just to enter an event venue. Wearable RFID tags eliminate the need for onsite registrations and check-ins since they are linked to attendees’ data. This results in faster queues with less room for manual errors and ultimately a more enjoyable event experience.

Upgrade Your Event Experience with RFID

Your event’s success depends on how much attendees enjoyed it. Using RFID technology as a guest management solution for large events and venues allows you to automate, fast-track, and customize routine event activities like guest registration and their levels of access. The ability to keep track of foot traffic and the areas of the event that were most visited offer numerous benefits for event organizers and venue owners.

With many advantages and few downsides, it’s no wonder that many large-scale events and venue operators are employing RFID technology more and more. Why not make RFID part of your venue or upcoming event?

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PouchNATION is asia’s leading all-in-one cashless and guest management solution for venues and events that digitize operations and increase guest spend using NFC wearable technology. Find out how your venue can benefit from our scalable and flexible solutions here.

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