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Make the Best Out of Your Tech Teams During Covid

Kenneth Tan, CEO and Head of Product of BookMyShow South East Asia, in conversation with Ilya, Founder of PouchNATION talks about the changes in the business during the Covid-19 pandemic and about how this time of relative silence in the events space allowed them to focus on the tech side of things.

It is no surprise that almost every business in the event tech industry has had to make shifts and adapt to Covid-19 in unique ways. Through it all, the development teams of event tech companies have been busier than ever either working away like nothing has happened (or more focused if anything at all) or trying to ship a whole new product to cope with the pandemic.

Kenneth rightly points out that while the hustle and bustle of events is low, it’s a good opportunity to give some time to the development team and focus on shipping better products to market faster.

Commenting on the same, Kenneth says,

If you look at it from the positive side, the tech teams are less distracted. When you’re running an event, you always have some changes and you require the tech team to adjust this or modify that – but the main goal of the roadmap you want to build gets derailed. But because of Covid, they’ve got all the time they need to focus on that roadmap that we have put in place. So in a certain sense, it was a lot more focused. We were able to build faster, whatever we had in mind.

If you’re a business in the event tech space, take notes. Your development team’s job is almost always divided between new developments and old maintenance. While the industry is booming and the busy days of events are on, development teams are far too often engaged in product maintenance and troubleshooting. Whereas, the new development is integral to the company’s progress. Hence, make use of this time to fast track your development teams to ship products faster. Leveraging the time right now allows a superior product that is very importantly, first to market, and gives the development team enough time later to be there for customer success to troubleshoot wherever and whenever necessary, and not at the expense of new product development.

It’s also appropriate to mention here the fact that it’s an invaluable time to form a highly collaborative development team across borders as almost all of them expect a work from home job. This access to talent anywhere in the world with the market opportunity to be able to hire them is a rare opportunity. Capitalizing on this and zeroing in on your development teams will ensure a post-pandemic kickstart to your business.

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