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The global pandemic has left an indelible mark on society. We went from greeting people with hugs and kisses to nodding at each other warily. Most times, we don’t even see people except in Zoom meetings and social media. We also learned to celebrate birthdays, get-togethers, and reunions through our tablets, phones, and laptops.

As can be expected, one of the affected industries is hospitality. As people hid away in their homes, biding time until it was safe to come out again, countless airlines and hotels were shut down. In time, humanity and hospitality venues will get back on their feet but it will take time. What can hospitality venues do in the meantime to cope and even thrive amid the uncertainty?

Hospitality Venues In The Post-Pandemic Era

As vaccines are rolled out and economies are slowly but surely opening up again, the hospitality industry is looking for ways to remain relevant and thrive in the new normal. By using technology in innovative and responsive ways, the future of hospitality post-pandemic can once again be a force to be reckoned with.

Hospitality venues in the new era are adopting technological innovations that keep personal contact to a minimum. Airlines and hotels offer rapidly changing promotions using online booking systems. Event venues are employing contactless technology to comply with safety protocols while organizers are using online meeting platforms for what used to be large events.

In a bid to survive post-pandemic, businesses will rely on technology more than ever.

How Tech Can Empower Hospitality Venues Post Pandemic

Many hospitality venues had already been using technology before the global pandemic started. However, reliance on online and technological advancements is expected to grow and have more applications in the aftermath of COVID-19. Here are some ways hospitality venues are using innovations to remain relevant.

Enhanced Contactless Experiences

Many of us learned this term during the pandemic. It’s a hygienic low-risk alternative that’s bound to continue even after the world has recovered. Hospitality venues are continuously reviewing their operations for opportunities to provide enhanced contactless experiences where little to no contact is required.

Here are some common contactless experiences that are in use by players in the hospitality industry.

●  Chatbots, robots, and artificial intelligence for customer service

●  Kiosks for self check-ins

●  In-app booking

Cashless Payments

Cashless payments aren’t new but became increasingly important when the global pandemic hit. Some of its key advantages include:

●  Not needing employees to receive and handle transactions

●  Lower risks of fraud and theft

●  Lower risk of human error

●  Simplifies transactions and makes them more accessible

A unique way that hospitality venues can benefit from cashless transactions is by providing their patrons with NFC wearable technology like smart bracelets and rings. NFC or near field communication enables compatible devices to “talk” to each other as long as they are within close range. Since the technology relies on radio waves, you can also continue using it even when traditional payment systems are offline or without internet connectivity.

NFC technology can easily be an additional revenue generator for hospitality venues by allowing guests to quickly and conveniently purchase food, drinks, access to certain facilities, gift shop items, souvenirs, and other purchases under a registered account. It also provides venues a great way to monitor consumer habits and behavior if they choose to analyze the data.

Location Access and Monitoring

NFC technology can also be used as a guest management solution. NFC chips can be inserted into devices like bracelets, key cards, and badges making it easier to monitor guest activity. You can track the location of various attendees, fine-tune which areas they should and shouldn’t have access to while improving security. You can likewise use the technology to notify guests of certain limitations like packed seminars within your venue, overcrowded restaurants, resorts, malls, etc.

The Takeaway

The hospitality industry will inevitably recover. The only question is how long before it does. Economies are slowly opening up and travel will slowly be reintroduced. What are you doing in the meantime to adapt to the post-pandemic era and how ready are you to embrace the new normal?

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