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Here at PouchNATION, we always listen to your feedback and in the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve our product and we believe that these awesome and highly requested features will help you enjoy your experience with PouchVENUE even more.

We made improvements under the hood with a great new look for the dashboard, and more flexible and enhanced reports to help you understand your business better. Not only that, we also improved the PouchVENUE app with easier check-in and check-out flow with the ability to use postpaid, prepaid, free and/or non-refundable credits.

Here are some of the features that you should look forward to:

  • New Product Management
  • Inventory Supply Item Functionality
  • Issue and Remove Free Credits
  • Check-in Guest with Postpaid Credits
  • Check-in Returning Guest
  • Purchasing with Free or Postpaid Credits
  • Check-out with Payment due
  • Adding Payment Method

A Much Faster, Improved Performance of The Dashboard and App

In version 1.4.0, we improved all the components of each feature and gave the PouchVENUE dashboard and app a cleaner and more user-friendly interface.

PouchVENUE Dashboard 1.4.0

New Product Management

This feature provides a more detailed view of the product list, enabling you to create Whole Product, Assembled Product, Product with Variants, and Product Set. You can also Edit and Delete the Product/Product Set, setting a system that will be easily understandable by you and your employees.

PouchVENUE Dashboard 1.4.0 – Product List

Inventory Supply Item Functionality

This new feature allows you to create supply and link raw material items to complete a product. You can view, create, edit and delete the items, allowing you full visibility of each stock, what comes in and what goes out.

PouchVENUE Dashboard 1.4.0 – Inventory Supply Item Functionality

Issue and Remove Free Credits

Free Credits (free of charge credits) can be used to give out complimentary items such as; foods, drinks, and other services at the venue. This can be created through the Guest’s profile on the dashboard and will be automatically issued when the guest checks in. This feature can go hand-in-hand with your promotional marketing gimmick.

PouchVENUE Dashboard and app 1.4.0 – 
Issue/Remove Free Credits upon guest check-in/check-out

Check-In Guest with Postpaid Credits

Postpaid Credit allows your guests to make their payment at check-out for any purchase of products, food, drinks and other services. Venue owners can set the maximum credit limit.

PouchVENUE Dashboard and app 1.4.0 – Postpaid Credits upon Check-in

Check-In Returning Guest

This feature allows the Register Staff to check-in guests that were previously checked-in to the venue as returning guests. Searching guests will need an online connection since it retrieves data from our live server.

PouchVENUE App 1.4.0 – Check-In Returning Guest

Purchasing with Free or Postpaid Credits

In this feature, guests can have the option to switch between payment options. Once guests have used up their free credits, it will automatically sum up the balance as Postpaid credits.

PouchVENUE Dashboard and App 1.4.0 – Free or Postpaid Credits Transaction

About PouchNATION

PouchNATION is asia’s leading all-in-one cashless and guest management solution for venues and events that digitize operations and increase guest spend using NFC wearable technology. Find out how your venue can benefit from our scalable and flexible solutions here.

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