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Brand activation and guest management is very important in an event. Immediate analysis of brand & guest management for your event right now and documentation of events in the past.

Now, event goers can simply wear their RFID tags or wristbands, which can be delivered to their homes or collected at event registration areas, and use said tags for cashless and recorded purchase of food, beverage, and merchandise within the event. And because everything is cashless and recorded, event organisers could strike off ticket fraud and cash theft from their list of worries.

PouchNATION is been at the forefront of the event industry in Southeast Asia, addressing the pain points of events organisers while providing a secure and hassle-free experience for attendees. They have handled cashless payments and have recorded over a million transactions from various events in 8 countries.

But digitalising is just the first step for PouchNATION. Recently, they have launched their Brand Activation feature, a powerful tool that lets brands and sponsors determine the correct event for their correct target market, engage with the attendees, measure their impact, and create lasting relationships with these attendees.

With the use of collected data and proprietary technology, PouchNATION gives brands and sponsors the ability to convert offline event attendees into online customers, as well as a tool for them to identify and engage with their target market and measure the effectivity of their marketing efforts at the same time.

This year, PouchNATION looks to expand into new markets. Already having presence in Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, they have recently opened offices in Thailand and Vietnam.


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