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Get to know PouchNATION’s Regional Head of Venues, MALCOLM DUCKETT.

Malcolm is – a big guy with big ideas and a big heart.

We asked him a few questions about his success in conquering PouchNATION’s Venue scene.

How did you join and what do you like most of working in PouchNATION?

I originally hired PN for my music festival in Vietnam. When PN identified VN as a good potential market, I was approached and offered the position of Country Head for VN. Having used the system and having a great impression of the company and its staff, I jumped at the opportunity. As for what I like most, personally it’s the challenge of finding creative solutions to problems and the ability to innovate. 

How is it working in a startup compared to your previous jobs?

I was previously a head teacher, a festival organizer, and an employee for the Government in Australia. The thing I love about working in a startup is being in an open environment where you can express creativity. You can also expand in multiple directions rather than in a linear fashion – much like my belly. 

How did you see the opportunity to implement the system in the venue? 

As a Pouch employee I see how much work we must put into every event, regardless of the size and duration. There’s an engagement period, form factors, transport, deployment etc. As such there are minimum costs.

As an organizer I’m aware of the budget limitations and difficulty in paying for a cashless system, even if it does provide a massive revenue boost, as the boost only applies over an extremely limited time frame. Thus does an unstoppable force meet an immovable object.

A fixed business, however, that has the same paint points as a festival, can enjoy the same benefits we offer at festival, yet year round, maximizing the benefits to the venue whilst providing PN with a recurring, (almost) passive income.

What type of venues can benefit from a system like PouchNATION’s?

Party Hostels (We are actually quite famous globally for our Hostel product), beach clubs, social and event venues, mixed use spaces, hotels, resorts and (down the road a little) Theme Parks. 

Why would these venues benefit from PouchNATION’s system?

There are a million POS systems out there, but there is nothing quite like us. Here are some advantages that PN provides that set us completely apart from a regular POS:

  1. We actively improve the guest and staff experience at all levels with faster bar service and easier transacting. Traditional POS systems cannot do this. 
  2. We generate unique, rich, actionable data by linking every purchase to guest demographics. I’m not aware of any other traditional POS system that can do this.
  3. We are specifically geared towards session venues, with smart check in and check out flows that help to automate the experience, as well as our integrations and voucher system.
  4. All the other benefits of cashless that our event clients love, our venue clients also love. waterproof, online/offline, etc.

What’s next in PouchNATION’s Venues roadmap?

Enhancing our inventory management module and then tackling integrations with some major global players such as Mews, Cloudbeds, Xero and Oracle. Each integration opens doors to thousands of potential clients. 

How do you balance personal and professional life?

Daily sessions of Hot Vinyasa Yoga in tight spandex on the roof help keep me balance it. 

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