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We are pleased to introduce one of our top performers ASTRI NOVANITA.

Astri is a scorpion with a great passion for the event industry. She holds a Master’s degree in Finance and enjoys traveling, casual runs, and going to the cinema or live music sessions.

We asked her a few questions about how she has succeeded in the Indonesian market.

When and why did you decide to join PouchNATION?

I was actually PouchNATION’s first client in Indonesia back in 2015, and it was the end of 2017 when Ilya and Emmanuel asked me to lead PouchNATION Indonesia, because they want to focus more on regional role. 

I accepted that offer and joined early 2018 because I personally love the event industry, and I believe the market in Indonesia begins to switch to more digital forms. But most of all, because I loved the service of PouchNATION. To me, their cashless is perfect and the way they work is very professional.

What challenges have you experienced in your role as Country Head Indonesia?

Indonesia’s event market was very conventional at that time, so the toughest job for me was to educate them to switch to paperless, cashless, and do everything digitally.

I am not a tech person, but I have to lead a big team and enter a big market doing technical stuff, which is an exciting challenge for me.

How do you motivate the team?

By giving them trust, appreciate every single progress they make, and keep the team as one family.

How do you balance professional and personal life?

It’s not easy to manage time lately when I have to work from Monday to Friday, and have events on weekends, but whenever I can, I pamper myself, have quality time with my kids, travel–even for a short period, and I keep my social live active.

“Focus on being balanced, success is a balance.” (Laila Ali) 

What has been your strategy to improve performance in your territory?

Reaching niche market, educate more clients, reach out to other cities/islands, do some partnerships and cost efficiencies.


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