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MANILA – PouchNATION is a technology solution purely focused on relieving event pain points to deliver the smoothest guest experience possible. All events have pain points, many of which are shared regardless of the nature of the event. PouchNATION began by creating an NFC-based system that helps with guest registration, cashless payments, access control, activity tracking, social engagement, and detailed analytic reporting. Beginning mid-2016, PouchNATION has extended its abilities to manage the guests’ journey from the very beginning, event discovery, and ticket purchase. Most if not all event producers now understand the value of PouchNATION guest management system for their event. Each department whether finance, security, or marketing can see and feel the benefits that come with our solution. Automating these events not only helps create a seamless experience for guests but also eliminates bottlenecks and pain points for the organizers themselves. The data analysis that comes post event allows event producers full insight to their event in ways that past methods could not offer. With full understanding of their events performance producers know exactly where they have struggles and where they need improvement. PouchNATION’s solution even allows better mileages for sponsors where they can begin building a relationship with guests instead of only having presence and brand recognition like in the past. With the PouchNATION solution, events will only get bigger over time while offering better and more outstanding experiences. NFC solutions with the correct applications and execution will be the backbone of the event industry moving forward. In the past 12 months, PouchNATION alone has executed 50 events including the first cashless events in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and soon, Thailand. This week, the adobo Festival of Ideas 2016 will be powered by PouchNATION. Attendees will wear RFID bracelets to make registration easier, serve as virtual meal stubs, and give them limited access to certain backstage areas that would otherwise be unaccessible.



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