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The pandemic brought the global live entertainment industry to a halt, with festivals and cultural activities hitting the pause button. From festival cancellations to postponements, it’s already been a year and a half long hiatus – during which concert-goers have missed out on several bucket list events.

But don’t lose hope! With increased vaccination campaigns and drives, organizers of the live music industry are slowly opening their doors to normalcy. So, what’s the latest updates of some of the world’s biggest festivals? 

Read on to keep track of the changing schedules, websites for the event, if it’s happening online, hybrid editions or in person. Get all the details here.

Reopening Of Live Performances

Undoubtedly, there has been a huge shift in public safety and health expectations, making festival organizers sceptical before dipping their toes back into live events – after all, festivals are expensive to produce and need thousands of attendees to become successful.

You can also check up GES events, to see which places around the globe have hosted live events, shows and exhibitions within the past 90 days. If you want an update on events held in Europe, you can follow this interactive map created by Pearle* Live Performance Europe and book your tickets accordingly.

We did some digging ourselves before we put together the list below. Check out the live dates for the world’s biggest festivals here:

Location2021 – 2022 DatesFestivalNotes
US  September 2-6   Telluride      On Schedule
BelgiumCancelled     Tomorrowland   To Be Decided
New YorkSeptember 3-5    Electric Zoo      On Schedule
Manchester, Tennessee   Cancelled     Bonnaroo      To Be Decided
IndonesiaSeptember 16-19   Bali International  film festival      In person   
FinlandSeptember 22-24  Finnish Film Affair         Hybrid 
SpainCancelled   Primavera Sound Music Festival    June 2022   
ChicagoJuly 29-Aug 1  LollapaloozaJuly 2022 
USOctober 7-13   Hamptons International Film Festival      In person
JapanOct 30-Nov 8     Tokyo International Film Festival       Hybrid
New OrleansCancelledJazz FestApril 2022
DelawareSept 23-26FireflyPostponed from June
VietnamSept 11-13thMonsoon Music Festival Hybrid
ThailandDec 2021Wonderfruit FestivalTo Be Announced
HongkongMar 14-17 2022RISEIn person
MalaysiaCancelled City Roars Festival2022

Keeping in mind the post-covid measures to be followed, many music festivals have gotten the go-ahead signal, while others have postponed them or are yet to be decided. With an increased number of people getting vaccinated, many offline events are still on schedule for next year.

Music festivals like Bonnaroo in the US, Coachella in California, Primavera Sound Music festival in Spain and Tomorrowland in Belgium have cancelled their 2021 events for the second time in a row.

But don’t forget modern times need modern solutions and therefore, certain events such as the Finnish film festival and TIFF hosted in Japan have adapted to organize online events as well. By the looks of it, virtual events may just be the next new in-thing.

Given how such events bring people closer, digital connectivity looks like the new- future. You too can choose to be a part of. By going virtual, global connections are just one tap away. 

That’s why we brought this list of both virtual and physical events from the tech world and startup community, to help you stay connected. You can even add your own events as well.

Prediction Data On The Live Events And Attendance

The pandemic hit the music industry hard, impacting both businesses and artists alike. Having said that, the music scene is ready to bounce back. Here are some predictions for 2021.

1. In contrast to the successful year live events last had in 2019, return of live shows will be a slow but gradual process. With vaccinations still in progress, it will take some time for restrictions to be completely lifted off.  

2. The dynamics have changed post-pandemic but 2021 will be a fruitful year for the entertainment industry – promoters, talent buyers and fans alike.

3. With the sudden stop of large scale events, artists have managed to stay connected with fans, thanks to live streaming and drive-ins shows. This worked out great in compliance to Covid-19 norms of social distancing but is not sustainable in the long run.

4. Technology to the rescue – advanced data analytics, tools and methods will need to be adopted to scout new talents in the industry.

Advice On Attending Live Events

For concert and festival-goers, the experience of overcrowding in small spaces, listening and dancing to music may be part of the appeal, but along with the thrill it is crucial to take appropriate steps as the effects of the pandemic are not yet over.

Considering the nature of concerts and increasing number of visitors every year, Covid-19 protocols have been launched to support artistic and cultural sectors.

1. Organizers will have to be a step ahead and insist on NFC wearables and apps to track attendees.

2. Venues should have a large space promoting good air circulation, social distancing norms and encourage hygiene.

3. The future of events looks like social distancing, wearing of masks and sanitizing will need to continue for some more time.

4. Compulsory pre-tests for Covid within 72 hours, show a vaccine card, QR code or photo of their vaccine card, and thorough check-ins at venues.

Big events are expected to return with professionals seeing a rise in the audience attendance and number of events breaking records of pre-pandemic numbers.

Though it all depends on various factors such as the effectiveness of the vaccine, proper planning of live events and location, it looks like the event world is ready to hit the ‘restart’ button.

As a precautionary measure, the Function Central has released a guide to help you understand how events will be conducted post-pandemic.


While the excitement of summers brought together with live events is insurmountable, the live entertainment industry cannot be frozen. 

As the world begins to reopen live experiences, it is going to be different in comparison to pre-pandemic times. 

It is crucial to take into account health and safety, covid-19 implications and measures before an event can open for attendees.

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