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In business, the main target is, of course, to maintain or increase sales. To do so, marketing holds an important role but another element in successful sales is sales analytics, which monitors customer activities and ties said activities to specific sales efforts. This analysis will help businesses determine which marketing strategy helps improve sales, what pushes customers to make a transaction, and what the business needs to do to keep improving its sales. But the question is, what do businesses need to analyze from the data they have?


Before analyzing the data, businesses should gather the sales data first. Thanks to technology, getting sales data is much easier in this modern era. For instance, the use of NFC Wristband such as PouchNATION will help businesses track customer behavior as well as help customers easily make a swift and safe transaction. This technology can be used for a lot of different occasions, such as during events, where attendees use NFC Wristband to purchase food, drinks, or other items. Businesses then use the data they obtain from the NFC Wristband for sales analytics.



After getting the data they need, businesses can analyze it to answer some important questions, such as:



Businesses can get an insight of their customers’ demographics, such as age, location, gender, etc. From this insight, businesses can see if their customers demographic is consistent with their target market.



From the data, businesses can understand their customers’ behavior. What kind of product do the customers like the most? Why do they buy the product? When are they most likely buy the product? From this insight, businesses can even predict the customer behavior which will be helpful for them to plan a marketing strategy that will help increase sales.



Businesses can also track sales and find out which marketing campaign attracts more customers and which campaign fails to deliver. This will help businesses to develop and improve marketing campaigns that are already successful and ditch the campaigns that flop.


There are plenty of other insights that businesses can get from sales data that they can use to improve sales. Again, businesses need to obtain accurate data to make a useful analysis. With the use of the right technology, businesses can do this easily and efficiently.


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