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Hospitality venue owners and technology companies, take note! 

We’ve launched our brand new open API platform, allowing you to bring your favourite PouchNATION services into your existing technology platforms into one platform.

What is an application programming interface? (API)

For non-technical people, think of an API like a telephone, with two applications ‘talking’ to each other and exchanging data behind the scenes. As the developer, you can listen to this conversation and benefit from their data exchange, all in one place.

With PouchNATION’s API, access all our powerful solutions and seamlessly integrate with your booking, accounting and payment systems.

What can you do with PouchCONNECT’s Open API?

PouchCONNECT api mews cloudbeds

Bookings API: Sync bookings and reservations data

Sync bookings and reservations data from your guest management system to our bookings for our PouchEVENTS and PouchVENUES platforms with other leading hotel management softwares like Mews and Cloudbeds,

Accounting API: Get all your cashless transaction data automatically from PouchNATION into your accounting software

Minimize human error by syncing your cashless transactions from PouchNATION with accounting software like Xero, helping you focus on delivering a memorable guest experience without worrying about accounting accuracy. 

We’re also releasing a payment API integration very soon to help you integrate our contactless solution with multiple payment gateways. 

How to get started with the PouchCONNECT API 

We’ve kept integrating with our API simple. 

For developers, we’ve created a demo environment here for you to get started. The API documentation for our Bookings API and Accounting API are also linked here.

Enjoy the best of PouchNATION’s registration and contactless solutions for your hospitality venue. Alternatively, combine this with your existing technology solution without extensive development work. 

Enjoy greater control and flexibility over your use of PouchNATION’s solutions

Integrating with PouchCONNECT gives you greater control over how you want your platform to benefit from our solutions. Automate your manual workflows, ensure your internal reports are all kept up-to-date and more.

Whether it’s providing a fluid booking and registration experience for your venue or reducing manual accounting work, PouchCONNECT gives you the flexibility to use our systems your way. 

We’re excited to bring PouchCONNECT to you and are looking forward to expanding on this API in the near future. 

Learn more about PouchCONNECT here and get in touch with us.

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