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PouchNATION continues to integrate with various property management systems for venues. Easily integrate your MEWS Property Management System (PMS) to your PouchVENUE Dashboard and experience a smoother and much-improved flow in your operations. 

Supported features:

1. Integration between MEWS and PouchNATION Wristband + POS

2. Verify and check reservation details so guests can go fully cashless on your property

3. Retrieve customer bill to MEWS

4. Synchronize accounting records and customer bills back to MEWS

5. Synchronize outlet bills for non-MEWS customers (Walk-in Customers)

How we work together to optimize Hotel Operations

1. Bookings

MEWS is known for direct bookings, smooth check-ins/outs and providing a better guest experience. 

By integrating your PouchVENUES with MEWS, you will be able to see a list of bookings that were booked or reserved through your venue’s MEWS property system in your PouchVENUES Dashboard.

Now, all status changes of the booking will simultaneously be updated on both platforms.

Booking List

In the Booking List, you can easily see the total numbers of Bookings, To be Checked-in, and To be Checked-out. 

Bookings can be searched by booking number, name of the booker, or email address of the booker. It can also be filtered by date and time range, and booking status.

You will be able to view the booking summary details pulled from Venue’s MEWS property system. You can also view the booking details, rooms, or beds assigned from MEWS’ reservations with the number of guests per room in capacity and the assigned space.

2. Accounting

You can simply integrate your PouchVENUES to your MEWS Accounting by clicking the ‘Connect’ button, allow access, and enter the access token of PouchCONNECT from the Marketplace of MEWS. You can also edit your MEWS access token or disconnect the integration by clicking the View Info.

Once your PouchVENUES is integrated with MEWS Accounting, the Account Categories created in your MEWS Accounting will automatically be created and displayed in the Chart of Accounts.

Syncing guest’s bill to MEWS

Products and prices bought by MEWS’ guests using their postpaid credits will be synced and displayed in their Billing in MEW’s guest bill.

Guest Transactions

Syncing non MEWS guest’s prepaid transactions to Outlet

For non-sales that are bought using credits by a non MEWS guest will be synced to the MEWS Accounting Report’s Outlets. The total sale amount of credits from all locations of the Venue will be synced when an End of Day Report is Closed. 

You will be able to see the number of data that are processed. This helps you to know that the data synced from the Venue Application are in process and will be available in the Venue Dashboard once the data are processed.


Before an integration between Mews and PouchNATION can be utilized, you are required to create an account from this link: The onboarding process is fully self-service and can be done in less than an hour. However, if you need help in onboarding you can ask through form.

How can I start to integrate?

Mews customer: Find us in Mews marketplace here  👉 Mews Marketplace

PouchNATION customer : send us an email 👉

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