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In a world where consumers are faced with endless options, it’s incredibly difficult for businesses to survive the cutthroat competition. To keep up with the times, modern technology is a must.

Countless hotels and resorts have adopted one of the most profitable technological innovations for generating traffic and revenue: NFC technology.

What Is NFC Technology?

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is a revolutionary technology based on radio frequency. Contactless short-range communication technology has created waves in the hospitality industry due to its many benefits.

NFC wearable technology can be used for transport, monitoring, access cards, and payment. NFC wearable technology can be anything from bracelets to badges that guests and employees can use. One of its most popular applications is cashless payments. 

How Does NFC Technology Benefit Hotels and Resorts?

Hotels and resorts receive a lot of traffic, especially during the holiday season. This makes it nearly impossible to keep track of one’s many guests. 

Changing consumer behavior and needs has the hospitality industry trying different techniques to learn more about its patrons and add efficiencies to its operations.

One such technique is employing guest management solutions in the form of NFC technology. The use of NFC technology helps hotels and resorts ensure a significantly improved customer experience. This helps hotels and resorts retain old clients and make new ones. In short, NFC acts as a revenue generator for the hospitality industry.

Benefits of NFC Technology in Hotels and Resorts 

Provides Security

If there’s one thing that hotels and resorts must provide, it’s security. No guest will return to a hotel or resort where security was lax. Employing NFC allows hotels and resorts to have keyless entries while tightening up security. Key cards provide guests with easy and traceable access to an establishment and its amenities. NFC ensures that only people with credentials are allowed access which greatly reduces the possibility of theft and fraud. 

Since the access granted can be selective, NFC technology can also be used to ensure that guests stay away from hazardous areas and other areas where they aren’t supposed to be. On the other hand, employees and certain departments can be granted exclusive access to areas like staff rooms and kitchens.

Ease Of Use

Technology has simplified things. With NFC, guests don’t have to deal with long queues for check-ins and check-outs, or to use amenities they paid for.

A single card can be made to function in a variety of areas. Whether it’s food and drink, access to certain facilities, or purchasing items from the gift shop, everything a customer uses during their stay can be automatically recorded and charged to their hotel account.

Of course, NFC wearable technology may differ from one hotel or resort to the next. Based on the activities they have, some businesses may choose to give their clients badges or bracelets to access facilities instead of key cards. For example, a key card may not be the best choice for a resort with many water sports and activities. Key cards can easily get lost in all the excitement. In such cases, wearable bracelets may be the better option.

The Takeaway

Hotels and resorts can increase customer satisfaction and enhance customer experience with NFC technology. Customers can enjoy a seamless experience where amenities and purchases are automatically charged to their accounts while management and owners enjoy additional revenue from more efficient operations.

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