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The topic of sustainability now is increasingly becoming more influential in a professional setting. When it comes to event management, being sustainable is crucial as it not only reduces the environmental impact but keeps you at the top of your attendees’ minds.

There’s no doubt that the focus on sustainability in corporate events will continue to matter. If you’re looking to put responsible business practices into place in your future events, here’s how you can start: 

Start going paperless

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Save time and work smarter by avoiding printing costs and starting with going paperless when you opt for digital tools. By automating the process, you eliminate the time-consuming and redundant efforts with planning events in a paper environment. This way, you can streamline all your attendees’ information in one central location and ensure you are meeting their needs at the touch of their fingertips. Plus, imagine ending the day without needing to clean up. 

Your event website should include any materials that would normally be printed on paper, so attendees can view or download them prior or during the event.

Partner with a venue that uses clean energy 

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It’s time to power up your event with clean and green energy. Do your research and find a few reliable partners before making the final decision on where to hold your eco-friendly event. This can also be one of the highlights of your event to attract more attendees who value companies that take this initiative. 

This is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to immediately improve the sustainability performance of your events. The National Grid reports that the electricity system has decarbonised by 66%* in the last seven years, supporting progress towards their ambition of a carbon-free system by 2025.


Achieving Sustainability with Contactless Technology: Registration, Access Control, Cashless Payments’

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With COVID-19, contactless is the way to go. This has also created a higher demand for event technologies where paperless and cashless interactions are encouraged. After all, the top priority is still to enable safe events. Contactless technology is slowly pushing venues into the digital age. You collect and analyse the data you need to forecast and improve the quality of your event and provide a personalised experience to your attendees. Firstly, digital check-ins are now possible in the form of wrist bands to avoid long waiting times and queues. Secondly, there is the ability to have control access to multiple zones and food or coffee break areas. Lastly, you can increase visitor engagement while boosting retention. 

Pro tip: check out PouchNATION’s powerful on-site registration and cashless solution for your corporate events here

Forms factors can be kept as souvenirs/memento


Now’s the time for event organisers to transform the experience for attendees about form factors. Thanks to form factors, attendees can enjoy the convenience of a fast and intuitive journey, be it in the form of wristbands, cards, stickers etc. The simplicity about it is what makes them so user-friendly and approachable. They come in an array of colours and materials and are excellent to be kept as souvenirs to remember the event for a long time. Consumers can also get the pleasure of wearing the latest must-have fashion! Wearables promise simplicity and convenience to event-goers, and offer the potential to introduce real-time engagement, advanced analytics, and multi-functionality.

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