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The pandemic has drastically changed how the world functions. There’s hardly any aspect of our lives that hasn’t been impacted in some way by the global pandemic. One of the many areas we’ve learned to adapt and change is the way we pay for goods and services. 

Contactless payment solutions have been around since the 90s. While its use has been climbing steadily, the spread of COVID-19 has spurred its growth and pervasiveness. The situation has amusement and entertainment venues scrambling to incorporate contactless payments into their operations to remain competitive and survive blows from the global pandemic.

Embracing Contactless Innovations

For the most part, the entertainment and amusement industries have relied on traditional physical exchanges of tokens, tickets, and cash. As people have grown increasingly cautious and reluctant to handle physical notes, these industries must adapt to the situation by innovating. 

Numerous sources suggest that 82% of the population regards contactless payments and no-touch transactions as the safest way to order and pay for goods and services. This trend has fueled a dramatic spike in mobile payments. It’s safe to say that businesses with the greatest chances of surviving are those who are able to provide their patrons with contactless options.  

In response to the realities of this new normal and in compliance with government-imposed restrictions, contactless and cashless solutions are enjoying renewed popularity — this time as hygienic and safer ways of transferring funds. 

How Will You Respond In the New Normal?

Savvy and forward-thinking business managers will readily find ways to adjust to this change in consumer behavior. Players in the amusement and entertainment industries are embracing and promoting their existing cashless solutions. Those who have yet to offer them are on the hunt for contactless technology that can be readily integrated with their current point-of-sale infrastructure. 

Naturally, mobile and online payment solutions are experiencing a huge increase in new accounts and transactions. While many amusement and entertainment operators are looking towards these internet-dependent technologies, they aren’t the only options. 

RFID and NFC Offer Enterprise-Level Applications

Many companies have benefitted from RFID and NFC technology. They are in their nascent stage in terms of their use in the hospitality industry, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth exploring. 

Unlike more popular mobile and online solutions, RFID and NFC aren’t reliant on internet connectivity. They also require minimal battery and processing resources, are completely scalable, and can be integrated in a variety of ways for enterprise-level use. 

PouchNATION: The Market Leader for Guest Management Solutions

When adopting new technologies, finding the right solution and the right partner for your company is tantamount to your success. You’ll be looking for an innovator with a solid track record, a customer-centric way of doing business, and the capability of delivering intuitive technology that is at par with the latest technological developments.

PouchNATION checks all those boxes. Since launching in 2014, PouchNATION’s guest management solutions have earned the company market leadership in Southeast Asia. They have helped over 200 companies and more than 500 events worldwide with integratable solutions that value data, efficiency, transparency, safety, and profitability.

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