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Technological advances have changed the way we travel and explore new places. While tourists were initially focused on visiting places they saw on postcards and a place to stay for the night, they now look for tailored experiences that are based on individual preferences and tastes. 

In this technology-driven age, travelers have mostly replaced travel agencies with online bookings for rooms, resorts, and flights. Today, tourists enjoy an unparalleled ability to customize their trips based on a wealth of information from online reviews, booking and tourism sites, and other online resources. 

Tourism And Technology

In a bid to keep up with changing consumer demand, the travel industry has focused on a score of improvements such as 24/7 customer service, access to cashless and online payments, and giving consumers the ability to tailor details of packages, products, and services. 

Hospitality venues are likewise continuously looking for ways to deliver new services, maximize value, and increase profits from customers. In response to evolving consumer behavior, the focus has shifted to providing sought-after experiences instead of generic services that were the norm in decades past. 

Hotels as a Destination

It isn’t unusual to see hotels selling experiences that provide added value to guests. These can include packaging accommodations with food and beverage deals and special events on the premises that allow guests to interact with each other and enjoy the nightlife of the place they’re visiting.

Such offers make hotels destinations in themselves, places for experiences, and ultimately more attractive for their target markets. Events on hotel premises encourage guests to spend more time there, and, while doing so end up purchasing more food and drinks, and generating more revenue for the establishment. 

It’s a savvy business model that goes hand in hand with technology that allows guests to make seamless, contactless, and cashless purchases that are all centralized under guests’ accounts.

nfc payment with card terminal

Integrating NFC Technology in Hotels 

An ideal guest management solution is near field communication or NFC technology. The innovation has enabled hotels to offer seamless check-ins and checkouts, cashless payments, and even digital keys among others. 

Hotel events and parties can easily and conveniently rely on NFC technology for guest purchases. Customers need only wave their NFC tags over a reader to avail of additional products and services. Their purchases are automatically registered to their account which they can settle at a later date or upon checkout.

By making purchases easy and convenient, guests have higher satisfaction levels and end up spending more at the hotels they book with.

PouchNATION: Asia’s Leading Guest Management Solution

Ready to use NFC technology for your hotel? Since 2014, PouchNATION has been empowering hospitality venues with venue and event technologies across Southeast Asia. Their innovations have allowed businesses to easily adopt cashless points-of-sale, door lock integrations, mobile sales, and guest management systems. 

PouchNATION employs a client-centric approach that prioritizes your business’ efficiency, safety, transparency, data, and profitability. Contact PouchNATION to see how you can increase in-venue guest spend at your establishment.

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