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In recent years, major events and famed festivals across US and Europe have embraced Radio Frequency Identification System or simply known as RFID. Guests receive a wristband with a chip instead of paper tickets which enables them to make purchases at the venue by tapping against a scanner. The chip can store information, load digital tokens and can even integrate with their social media account.

The concept of cashless is becoming notably popular not only in the US and Europe markets, but it has also been adopted by the event scene in Southeast Asia due to its promising benefits such as reducing ticket fraud, shortening lines and eliminating pickpockets. However, there are also things to consider along with the benefits of this trend as RFID is still in its developing stages.

For event organizers, the main focus is the guest experience and many of them consider to have this technology present at their events. However, without proper knowledge may lead to overlooking the requirements of infrastructure to support RFID Technology. An awful scenario happened at a cashless event a few years ago was reported that some of the RFID readers malfunctioned in the middle of the event and the guests could not tap their wristbands. This is a problem closely related to the intermittent signal at the venue. Music festivals are held often in a relatively remote environment like fields, beaches, and parks with little access to power and internet. Selecting the wrong solution could certainly create disaster for your event.

Being the pioneer in the region, PouchNATION introduced NFC (near-field communication) wristbands. Offering a solution for these common problems faced at events, PouchNATION has the perfect answer to the event organizers’ needs – its online and offline system. PouchNATION has its own system and it is not dependent on any internet provided by the telecommunication service providers. Transactions are done simply and swiftly with PouchNATION’s app that is installed in NFC devices to accept the payment. The company’s lean solution also makes it easy to scale up or down at areas in need of assistance to expedite the sales process. No internet connection is required. Fans can top up the wristbands upon ticket purchase online using their credit cards or by bank deposits. They may top up at reloading booth located throughout the venue which accepts both cash and credit card payments. PouchNATION is Southeast Asia’s leading event management solution, providing the best event experience online and offline.

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