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When it comes to a concert or music festivals, time is gold. Concert goers need to make the best out of their time to enjoy the performance of their favorite artists despite while navigating the crowd. This is where event management needs to put extra effort to facilitate a smooth experience.

Talking about concert or music festivals, one challenge that come with a huge crowd turnout is managing logistics to provide ample service to everyone. In the past year, there are common story of guests that facing bad experience on music festivals because of this. The problem of crowd control by the event management. The same problems that face not only in US, Europe but also in Asia events.

The of the use of online event management systems are intended to make it easier for the event organizer to control the crowd on the venue. The guests would get wristband that could be used as a ticket to enter the venue also as the payment method for refreshment and goods at the venue. Time spent queuing for food and drinks is a major factor in the guest experience, guests don’t want to spend all their time standing in line when they should be watching their favorite performers. Online RFID is a proven method to easing these queue times.

Things to consider in online systems is the advance infrastructure to support. It is not to be questioned the idea of the technology is pretty much clear and provide solutions. But then there are guests that have bad experience where the system giving them nightmares because the system that is highly dependent on the telecommunication service provider for its online system.

PouchNATION’s event management system removes this room for error with offline RFID capabilities. Equipped with advance technology, PouchNATION already anticipate the unexpected situations that guests could face by providing its own  infrastructure for the event area without being depend on the telecommunication service provider. Today PouchNATION is the main provider of RFID event management solutions across Southeast Asia servicing sports, conference, lifestyle, music and brand launch events.

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