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The year 2019 was undoubtedly the year of the live entertainment industry. But no one thought it would be the year of “the lasts” — the last time we would dance at a concert, the last time we’d hug, or the last time we would roam freely without wearing masks or using hand sanitizers.

The devastating shockwaves of the pandemic brought the whole world to an abrupt halt, forcing everyone to stay home. One of the industries that were majorly hit was the music industry, impacting artists, businesses, and fans alike. 

But now, as the world is slowly getting back up on its feet, public gatherings are also slowly being welcomed. While mass gatherings still pose a higher risk of the virus spreading, significant precautions are being taken at a number of levels.

Reopening Of Events Post Covid-19

With a huge number of Americans now getting vaccinated for COVID-19, there has been a significant shift in public safety and health expectations. This means marketers will also need to follow protocols when it comes to organizing an event. 

In terms of the live music industry, fans are undoubtedly eager for concerts to resume. But it might be a while before people are comfortable enough to gather in large crowds. Until then, music marketers and organizers will have to weather the storm through changing government regulations.

This 18-month hiatus has shown just how risky this business can be with live events forced to shut shop and cancel at the last minute.

That’s not to say that people aren’t thrilled to attend concerts and festivals to make up for the lost time. 

Live Tracking Of Events

Before you make the jump and book your tickets, you can check out GES events to keep a track of all the places across the globe that have hosted live events and shows in the last 90 days. Several cities in North America, such as Dallas, Miami, and Atlanta have hosted events with over 2,000 visitors. 

If you want an update on events specifically held in Europe, you can follow this interactive map created by Pearle Live Performance that is updated regularly.

edm music festival concert at night

Events Are Back In Europe And Beyond: COVID-19 Planning Tools 

Despite the challenging times, we look forward to the new era of live events. But how is the entertainment industry supposed to get back on its feet while ensuring that public health is not endangered?

The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention is a step ahead with a readiness and planning tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at events and gatherings. They have also released a guide on Organizing Large Events and Gatherings that is updated regularly for event marketers. This guide covers issues like social distancing, hygiene, etiquette, and regulatory awareness. 

Another report issued in the interest of attendees and fans by the EFFE Hubs and European Festivals Association gives an insight into how COVID-19 is being tackled by different countries. 

COVID-19 And Social Distancing for Public Events

Any post-COVID-19 event is bound to be drastically different from those before. It is thus necessary that you prepare yourself for the return of live events with safety as your priority. 

This event planning guide by marketing agency Impact XM will help you prep so that you don’t miss out on any bucket list events. In addition to the CDC’s planning tool, it further elaborates on helpful wireless-tech add-ons. 

And if you’re having any doubts about the safety of holding an event in a closed, crowded space, don’t be. We’re one step ahead of you. We did some digging and stumbled upon this Covid-19 Indoor Safety Guideline website that gives a breakdown of room specifications including the size of the room, type of ventilation, the occupancy limit per room, and more to help minimize the risk of infection.


While some festivals are playing it safe and are put on pause, many others are slowly mobilizing. Depending on the proposed plans and the government’s rules and regulations, some festivals are ready to welcome the summer with a bang. 

By the looks of it, the live entertainment industry seems to be recovering faster than expected. With a reduced audience capacity to follow COVID-19 preventive measures, events and festivals are set to make a grand comeback even as the pandemic continues.

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