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Siembra opened in December 2019, 4 months before the COVID-19 pandemic really took hold of Colombia and the country in March 2020 entered a 6 months complete quarantine. As the name suggests we set ourselves up as a boutique hostel. The idea being that we would be a hostel with all the social elements and activities of a hostel but the quality of rooms and food of a boutique hostel / restaurant.  

Use Case

Through deploying PouchVENUE Cashless Solutions at the Siembra Boutique Hostel, PouchNATION helps to ease the F&B ordering process, without needing to ask for room number, name or manually write down orders on paper for the kitchen/bar and store the paper copy for accounting and customer’s final bill. This process minimizes errors due to manual handwriting or staff forgetting people’s orders. The management of Siembra Hostel recognized that using a cashless payment solution can increase customer’s average spend by around 20%, this led them to approach PouchNATION for our cashless solution. 

One key important component for Siembra is the time and money they have saved by moving from a a paper system to a digital system, both in terms of quick and easy checkout, being able to show a client their bill immediately without needing to get hold of each order slip, and also it saves them 64 hours a month accountancy department as they are instantly able to export all sales and view all statistics with a click of a button–a much efficient way than having to manually count thousands of sales receipts/order slips every week.

Guests at Siembra also benefited from using the cashless solution. It’s easy to show their total consumption/spend immediately, especially at the check-out process without the need to pull out each individual paper bill. It is also easy for them to check their balance from any devices at any place in the hotel. Aside from increasing their guests experience, our solution has also helped Siembra to:

  • Increase customer spend through pre-loaded wristbands
  • Less time doing accountancy work (less hours mean less pay)
  • Reduction in revenue leakage and discrepancies 
  • Better inventory Management means less waste and fast tracking of inventory and products
  • Provide a remote management tool that allows for live sales data


  • Paperless ordering process
  • Reduced errors on ordering process
  • Increased user spend
  • User data capture
  • Quick and easy checkout process


  • Silicone wristband
  • Cashless POS
  • Sales Reports
  • Guest Tracking
  • Inventory
  • Live Data Collection
  • Hardware Integration
  • Data Collection Analytic & Insights

Siembra Boutique Hostels 2021 (Minca, Colombia)

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