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Cloudbeds is one of the best Property Management Systems that help venues manage their bookings and customers.

With this new PMS available to be integrated into our system, venues that own Cloudbeds and PouchNATION’s Venue can now easily check-in their guests not only in Cloudbeds but also with our System. The best part of our system is we are able to link the guests from us to their guest’s profile in Cloudbeds and push their postpaid billing as well as the prepaid sale transactions.

pouchnation and cloudbeds integration


cloudbeds booking list integration with pouchnation

Integrating with Cloudbeds is easy, you can now sync your Cloudbeds reservations to the Venue Dashboard’s Booking list, and start checking in your Cloudbeds guests to the Venue App. You can view the booking details of a specific reservation made from Cloudbeds such as the booking information of the reservation, the number of guests and their check-in date from Venue Application, and the Accommodation details. 

House Account and payments

“PouchNATION POS” house account will be created automatically to the Venue’s Cloudbeds property. Sale transactions paid by credits will be synced and displayed inside the PouchNATION POS house account.

Syncing Transactions

pouchnation integration with cloudbeds property management system

Any transactions (either postpaid or prepaid) made by guests from Cloudbeds that checked-in will be synced into Cloudbeds, including voided transactions and End of Day Report, so venue owners will not have to go back and forth from Venue Dashboard to the Cloudbeds system.  

Language Translation

Venue Dashboard can now be translated to Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai by selecting a preferred language in the footer section of the page. The selected language will be saved to the browser and will remain even if the Venue Manager logs out to his/her account and/or close the Venue Dashboard tab.

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