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We’re headed into 2022 with the threat of the pandemic still looming over event organizers. Events look promising. But event organizers also need to stay nimble to adapt to any changes.

Now is a great time to evaluate your current technology stack for your events venue to see if it’s still meeting your needs. 

Consider upgrading if:

1. You find fulfilling safe management measures challenging

Event venues are typically dense and crowded with people. Provision of food and beverages, queues, and high contact points can become challenges for an event venue. Cashless technology and mobile ordering solutions help you meet any management measures by: 

  • Eliminating cash handling
  • Reducing physical contact between visitors and staff and between visitors 
  • Reducing staffing requirements

2. Your visitors complain about long queues

Spending too long in queues at events is frustrating. Research shows the time a customer is in line waiting to make an order is the most significant influence on how customers perceive waiting times and service quality. Contactless solutions shorten wait time by simplifying the payment transaction process. 

If you hear consistent feedback about long queues, this could be one area to address with technology for your 2022 events.

3. You’re not sure who attends your events

Can you articulate the type of visitors your events receive? What about their likes, dislikes, and needs? If this draws a blank or you need to sift through paper-based forms or registration information to obtain the information, maybe it’s time to implement a digital solution.

Digital solutions collect data about your guests’ preferences and needs at every touchpoint. You get insights into what your guests prefer and how to appeal to them by reading their demographics and connecting to their behaviors. Gain the confidence to plan an event that creates a more personalized experience for your guests, powered by data.

4. Your guests still need to pay for their food or merchandise with cash or credit card on your premises

In the UK alone, payments using notes and coins fell by 35% in 2020, with double people opting to go cashless. 

If your event involves spending money, consider making cashless payments an integral part of your event. Instead of getting your visitors to swipe their credit cards or pay by cash, equip them with an RFID wearable that allows them to store payment information, pay for items with a tap and pre-load a stored value amount. 

This allows your guests to pay more conveniently and securely while increasing guest spend.

event festival cashless payment nfc rfid

5. You’re finding it hard to track your financial data

How much time are you spending reconciling transactions or figuring out how much you earned in a day? Keeping track of transactions manually is not only time-consuming but is also prone to human error. Implementing cashless technology helps you save valuable time on these manual processes. 

Upgrade your event technology without breaking the bank

Implementing new technology and familiarising your staff and operating procedures with them takes time. Get started with cashless technology. Enjoy the benefits of convenience, improved guest satisfaction and spending while remaining cost-neutral.

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