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With the importance of social media in society’s daily life these days, it’s hard to overlook the effect it has on a marketing campaign. The role of social media in promoting an event is not only important before and during an event, but also after an event. And to utilize social media in promoting your event, you can’t just make a social media account for an event, post contents about your event in that account, and then, hope that people will read your content to purchase tickets to your event. You have to make people to follow you and to engage with your contents. But what exactly should you do to increase social media engagement at your event?


Utilize RFID wristbands

Event photographers often take pictures of the exciting happenings during the event, including the attendees of the event. Ideally, the photographer can just send the pictures they took to the attendees in the picture. But it’s surely a hassle if the photographer needs to remember or take note of every person’s email address or social media handle. Here’s where PouchNATION’s RFID wristband come in handy. During the event, photographers can take pictures and use a device to tap wristband of each person in the picture. After the event, the attendees will receive the picture via email, already set with the event’s photo frame, including logo, hashtag, and themed design. The attendees can also easily share the picture on their social media by clicking the share button next to the photo they received. This will easily increase the attendees‘ engagement in your event as well as increasing people’s awareness of your event.


Create a hashtag

The hashtag of your event should be simple, catchy and unique enough so that it can only be used for your event. Then, encourage people to post content with your hashtag. This will not only encourage people to engage in your event but also help you to monitor people’s opinion and review your event on the social media.


Be responsive

When people do post contents related to your event on their social media, respond to them, either by leaving a comment or reposting their content in your event’s social media. Of course, when you repost people’s contents, don’t forget to credit the original owner of the content. This will encourage other people to post their own content related to your event.



Utilize influencers

You can use social media monitoring tools to find influencers who are attending your event or intending to attend your event. Then, engage with those influencers.



Reward contribution

Reward the users and attendees who actively post contents related to your events. You can also encourage them to participate in your social media competitions, such as photo competition, Post, Tag & Share contest, where people need to post contents related to your event to gain certain reward.


High social media engagement give wonders to your event, especially if you’re organizing an event that gives great experience to your attendees. More people will know about your event, and more likely they will look forward to the next event you’re organizing.


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