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It’s been a month since we were dancing our days away in the beautiful gem of Hanoi, Vietnam. It was indeed a hands-down-best-produced festival, from the picturesque location to the boat parties to the jaw-dropping stage setups and many more. We want to share our Quest Festival weekend fun with you to complete that hipster-shaped shack in your heart that its absence has produced.

Many people would still find time to attend a festival like Quest despite their hectic schedule at work. With Quest festival bringing in more people from around Vietnam, and even outside, a certain kind of spirit is brought to the festival site. It is clear that Quest festival is totally loved by so many. This festival can change your life; here are some reasons why:


  1. Music

The most important reason is, of course, the music. We cannot begin to do justice to the quantities of incredible DJs this year. Their music was able to reach the hearts of so many guests simultaneously, getting us to groove and wave, making a personal connection between the music and ourselves. As you look around you, you just see hands in the air and smiling faces, that’s when you figure out that you’ve found your love for the festival. The live acts were something to see, everything from Blues, Salsa, Funk, Rock, Rap just to name a few. The roster of 150 different acts definitely had something for everyone.


  1. Festival Costumes

No better place to reveal your true personality than at Quest festival. Yes, there were a bunch of interesting festival costumes for men and women. They dressed up as per their fantasies without worrying about being judged, because hey – everything goes at a music festival!


  1. Art and performances

From art installations to talented performing artists, Quest Festival offered a lot of food for the eyes. Guests were welcome to participate in various fun-filled workshops each day. No wonder these were the top factors that have influenced the guests to attend. Its powerful emphasis on art and visual simulation create this beautifully striking, yet entertaining, environment of Quest that constantly amazes its crowd.


  1. Community

Everyone came to have fun. Everyone was committed to an experience like no other at Quest. There is a connection made from everyone’s mutual love for arts and music, which creates a community that is friendly, dynamic, and safe to spend up to three days with.

Not every festival offers camping, but in Quest, the camping itself was even enough to draw people’s attention. We all know that some of the craziest parties take place at the campsite! Guests got the chance to live in the campsite with other Questers to be comfortable with their temporary homes, to share food, laughs, and memories with the people around them.


  1. Experience

Lastly, the most important part of Quest that keeps people coming back for more involves all of the explanations above. That part is the experience because there is no better way to describe a festival than to go and see it with your own eyes – the combination of good music, good crowd, beautiful art, and camping are simply spectacular!


So, what’s your favorite festival? Which one are you attending next? We’d love to hear, leave us your answer in the comment box below! We love enjoying life like it’s a big festival – what about you?



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