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By now we’ve gathered that hospitality needs technology. This shows that successful hospitality businesses need to be flexible and resilient to change, so does their technology. Every hospitality business is driven by its guests’ expectations. They expect convenience, fast, and easy service, which means the hostels need to adapt to technology and automate some of their operations.

Running a hostel in rural areas can be difficult to accommodate those needs since there’s limited connectivity to digitize their operations. But with PouchNATION, we can fulfill those demands with ease with little to no internet connection necessary.

Here are 4 of the best hostels in paradise that balance nature with technology: 


Bodega Hostels is the fastest-growing party hostel chain in Thailand. They’re currently working on world domination with expansion elsewhere in SouthEastAsia, including Cambodia and Indonesia. HostelWorld has named Bodega as one of the top party hostels in the world.

Boasting top of the industry review scores across all platforms, Bodega Hostels caters to a wide variety of backpackers, offering chilled chats on the sofas, local tours, delicious bites rolling out of the in-house restaurants and bar parties. Comfort, cleanliness, and security are guaranteed.

Slumber Party

Slumber Party Hostels are places for young travelers who are looking for high-octane adventures and a lively bar atmosphere. Slumber Party exists for one reason and one reason only—to show their guests a great time. This is the trip of a lifetime.

Since opening their first hostel, they’ve expanded to eight locations across Thailand and two in Indonesia. Beyond their amazing parties, they also have an unwavering commitment to having a positive impact on the communities through their various activities. Some of them are our Tsunami relief fund, weekly beach cleans, and their Slumber Party Scholarships, which are awarded each year to underprivileged children, all of which are both directly funded through their hostels and donations.

Rio Hostel Buritaca

Voted Best Hostel in Colombia and second Best Hostel in Latin America, Rio Hostel Buritaca is nestled in the Colombian jungle, alongside the Buritaca River. 

Rio Hostel Buritaca does live up to its lofty reputation. With its private beach by a river as clean and clear as any you are likely to see, a fantastic riverside bar and sundeck, Rio Hostel offers something for every traveler. The accommodation and facilities are excellent: with seven private cabins available, plus several dorms and a hammock area, there is an option for all types of travelers and all budgets.

In 2021, Rio Hostel became a signatory of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative (GTPI), led by the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) and the World Tourism Organization (WTO), in collaboration with Ellen MacArthur Foundation. They are also the very proud home of the El Rio Foundation. You can volunteer with them every day through their educational, sporting, and environmental programs to positively impact their local community.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a beautiful wooden hilltop house that offers one of the most amazing views from any hostel in Colombia, particularly at sunset. Situated above the town, accessible solely by foot, you’ll overlook Minca, Santa Marta, the sea, plus the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and forest all at the same time—truly unique!

Surrounded by tropical gardens and indigenous stones and paths, they offer complete tranquility with no roads, cars, shops, or neighbors; coupled with great food. There is no WiFi on purpose, which leads to a feeling of relaxed, friendly isolation. It’s a place to escape, a place to sit back and relax in a hammock and read a book and play cards

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