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Just admit it: technology has become an important part of the 21st-century society. Like it or not, it rapidly changes the way we communicate and the way we obtain, store, and use information, which eventually affects almost every aspect of our modern life.

One of the biggest changes that emerged because of technology is how we spend our money but we’re not talking about just spending our money at the mall or grocery store here. Nowadays, we can even go cashless when we go to a conference, expo, or a music festival, using a contactless wristband like PouchNATION. Cash is obsolete and cashless is the latest trend!

Why do a lot of people opt for cashless payment instead of the traditional physical currency?

Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Convenient

Cashless payment is convenient and easy. With a few clicks, you can purchase a ticket for a festival, expo, or conference. Then, when you’re enjoying yourself in said festival, expo, or conference, you don’t need to waste your time queueing in a long line in front of the ATM just to get some cash anymore. With just a tap, that merchandise you’re eyeing will be yours, especially when you’re using an NFC device which has no line of sight restriction. Going cashless saves your time and energy.


2. Fast

Since cashless transaction is far more easy and convenient, it will reduce the time you need when you make a purchase and give you more time to enjoy yourself at the event.


3. Safe

Sometimes, keeping track of the ‘small things ‘like your wallet can slip your mind, especially when you’re set to have a good time at an event. A new method of payment using contactless wristband reduce the risk of losing your money to pickpockets, since you don ‘t have to carry around a huge amount of cash around. Cashless payment also helps prevent and eliminate counterfeits, eventually reducing security cost for the event organizers.


4. Smart

Cashless money helps you keep track of your spending, and eventually will help you stay in budget in the long run. Cashless payment sometimes also provides digital coupons that you can use to save more money. How can you say no to discounts?


With the development of technology, cashless payment will continue to grow to be an even more common method of payment in the modern society. It won’t be surprising if we’ll soon see an even more secure method of cashless payment using biometric ID like fingerprints or retinal scan. Until then, embrace the technology and enjoy a more convenient life.


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