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Multitasking is a normal part of an event manager’s job. But even the most experienced organizer can sometimes make mistakes. Event management software can be the perfect solution for organizers, helping them make sure everything is in place and efficient.

Before picking one, however, here are a few questions you should ask:

1. Does it address my challenges?

Addressing the mistakes made in previous events is important. That is why diligent event managers always look for feedback from sponsors and attendees to ensure that issues are not repeated. Before you pick event planning software, ask yourself, does the software address these problems? In short, use your attendee feedback data to check if issues can be addressed using the tech tool. If social media marketing isn’t your strong suit, PouchNATION can be used to spread the word about an event and increase engagement.

2. Does it offer an all-in-one-solution?

Do you have to use different software for various tasks, such as ticketing or intelligence reporting, or is there a single solution to all your problems? Some solutions can cover everything, from guest registration to cashless payment. Selecting an all-in-one solution helps organize many tasks seamlessly. PouchNATION’s software can take do all of this. We can help manage guest registration, patron security, intelligence reporting, ticketing, access control, brand engagement, brand exposure, and more.

3. How is their customer support?

How soon can the service provider help during downtime? Are their technical support staff available 24/7? Is it easy to make queries? When it comes to picking event technology providers, those that offer great support are the ones that are worth the money.

4. Is it the latest technology?

When you have to choose event software, pick one that that is ahead of its time. Companies pushing their technology into the future will help you solve problems you didn’t know could be fixed. Companies that spend time and resources innovating their product and develop novel solutions are ones to partner with. PouchNATION offers an NFC-based solution to automate processes like guest access, guest registration, online ticketing, and more.

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