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 They use an innovative NFC solution to help brands capture and activate an offline audience Manual is out, digital is in. As far as events are concerned, digitalisation is one of the best things to happen to it; just imagine all the work that went into the registration, access management, and documentation of events in the past. Now, event goers can simply wear their RFID tags or wristbands, which can be delivered to their homes or collected at event registration areas, and use said tags for…

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PouchNATION exists to solve event organizer pain points as well as help brands capture and activate an offline audience with its innovative NFC solution. Since the company’s 2015 brand and product revamp, PouchNATION has been as the forefront of the event industry in Southeast Asia. Using NFC technology partnered with in-house developed software, PouchNATION addresses event organiser woes while providing a secure and hassle-free experience for attendees of all event styles. As the company continues to explore and develop new ways to enhance guest experiences,…

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PouchNATION, a start-up that is digitalizing events and which now has operations in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, began when its founders saw how archaic and cumbersome it was to organize an event in Asia. “My partners and I used to join many events as sponsors for an old product we had. During these engagements, we noticed how manual event management was and coming from tech backgrounds, we knew we could improve both the management and experience with technology. So we got to work,” says…

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Getting your hands on tickets to a huge event in your city may be the least of your worries. Even if you’re lucky to buy access, you could still miss the action if you get stuck in long queues for refreshments or cash machines. Singapore-based startup Pouch wants to get rid of those event woes. Launched as a rewards platform in 2012, Pouch has evolved into a cashless payment and event management system. It introduced NFC (near field communication) wristbands that are becoming popular among…

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